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Brendan Gaughan is one of the most amazing drivers you will ever meet!

Here you will find a collection of stories and pictures of when people met Brendan. If you met him and would like to share your stories and pictures, please email us!

Hello my name is Don. I first met Brendan in 1999 his rookie year in the winston west series. I was working as a videographer for evergreen speedway in monroe washington. Meeting Brendan was sort of an accident. The northwest tour ran just before the winston west race, and my wife's fave driver in the nw tour was the #20 of Jon Zaretzkie, Brendan was also the #20. My stepdaughter went up to Brendan after the race and told him he was her moms fave driver. So my stepdaughter brought us to Brendan ,and he talked our ears off for about 45 min. We instantly became fans.

He came back the next year (2000) running the winston west and the trucks part time.i only had a brief visit with him that year because i was stuck in the grandstands video taping the next race, and he had to leave right after his race. I then put a videotape together of his candid moments in the truck series, and gave the tape to him the next year (2001)for his b-day. It was kinda funny because he didn't watch the tape right away cuz he thought it was just a regular tape of him goin round and round.(not) He was back at the shop in vegas when he did decide to watch it.

When I saw him again at evergreen speedway before the winston west race, I videotaped him telling me how much he loved the videotape(without him knowing lol ) The videotape had him being goofy with the other drivers.( lance norick )was one of the main characters. After that race I was stuck in the stands again to tape the nw tour, so my wife and stepdaughter met up with him at his hauler and they were lucky enough to be invited into his lounge . They took some really cool pics but we misplaced the roll of film.(sucks huh) We tried to stay in touch with him but we moved and so did he. So I'm hoping that either we get to go to a cup race and meet up with him again, or wait till the new cup track is built here in seattle . Well thats my story and im stickin to it lol...

Wow!!! That's all I could say at the first glimpse of Brendan, it was at Rockingham this past year. He was at his trailer signing autographs, although I didn't have a ticket I stood and watched as he interacted with the fans. I could not believe what a down to earth guy he was, his personality totally makes him, well that and his looks of course. I was then an instant fan, later that night while at the Barn, a restaurant in Southern Pines, NC I spotted him and talked to him and took a picture with him, which I got signed at Darlington, and to my surprise he actually remembered me. I have since followed him and believe he is a great racer and hope to see him in the winners circle soon...

Fay Ward
Charleston, SC

I met Brendan, years ago during the old Off-road racing days with S.O.D.A. I was one of the track workers and part of the Fridays pit-crew. I was in more than a few of his wild parties that he threw. The wildest being at Crandon, WI. Although he would probably deny being a little wild, it would be expected. Outside of his wild parties and his insane abilities as a race driver, he is a very down to earth type of guy. He's got this sense of humor that is just indescribable and yet when it comes to business or racing he is about as serious as a lawyer in a courtroom. Brendan had helped me to calm down and showed me how to prepare for a race situation. I had the opportunity to race for a friend who had broke his wrist in practice the day before. He asked me to drive for him and I was so nervous that I could barely breathe. Brendan walked up and asked if I was ok. I told him the situation and he just laughed and told me not to think about the other people that I was racing and just worry about racing the track. Which was great advice and he gave me other hints and suggestions about how to best make it through some of the more difficult areas to carry speed. He was a big help and probably the easiest guy to talk to....that is if you could catch him when he's not busy or thinking about work. He always said he loved off-road racing so much and yet he eventually wanted to be in NASCAR. Well....I guess he finally did it. Congrat's Brendan and good luck. Remember WIDE OPEN TIL YOU SEE GOD.....THEN BRAKE!!!!

Appleton, WI

I first met Brendan at Rockingham. He was signing autographs on Saturday. He was by far the most friendliest driver I have ever seen. He took time with everyone.

I went up to him and told him how thousands of woman across America pick a Rookie driver each year to root for. And would continue to support them throughout their career. He must of got something I said about putting him in my barn confused, because he got soo flushed that he had to step away from the counter.

I didn't get to talk to him at the Atlanta race, but driving from Atlanta to Charlotte I took my kids to the Jasper shop. We looked around, and asked if Brendan was available. He was just leaving from the shop to drive to test in Darlington. He came out of the back area, introduced himself to my kids and took a picture of them.

I don't know how many other drivers would have done that. And that's why I support him. He is excited about his sport and he shares it with us- the fan.

GO 77,
Michelle Catanese

Well, I met Brendan at the Food City Race night in Kingsport on March 25. My mom and I got in line and it seemed like we were there forever because he is so popular. I was so excited the entire time because I had met him once before and he was super nice. It was my turn to meet him so I walked up and said hey. He was being tape recorded for an interview. The women asked him why he liked being a racecar driver. He started off saying why wouldnt he? He gets to turn left all day, travel to so many places, meet awesome people and he has awesome fans and plus he gets paid for it. He talked for like 5 min and he turned around and looked at me and goes, as you can see I like to talk. I just laughed. The thing I thought was awesome was that during the interview he held out his hand and shook mine. Also, unlike some other drivers, he did not sign my autograph and send me on my way. He also did not just talk to the women but he looked at me and talked to me rather than ignoring that I was there. Finally, the question was over and he looked at me and said, whats your name sweetheart? I said, Ashley! He spelled it out and I told him he was right. Then, he looked up at me, paused and looked back at the women and then at me again. He goes, you know what else I like about this job? I go, what? He goes, I get to meet pretty girls like Ashley!! I about died needless to say!! I was having an awful day before that happened because I had to rush to get there because I was taking a Biology test at ETSU. After Brendan told me I was pretty, I became a huge fan of his!!! He is super nice!! GO BRENDAN!!!

Ashley Hough

I had the pleasure of meeting Brendan this weekend at Texas. Granted I didn't talk to him much, other then him asking me who I wanted an autograph made out to. But, I had a Hot Pass so I spent a lot of time watching him, and his team as well. I was so very surprised at how great of a personality Brendan has.

Most drivers only make autographs out to fans on special occasions. This apparently isn't so with Brendan (from listening to other fans talk about him, as well my own experience). I was very impressed with this. He truly seems to care about his fans more than some other drivers. I have been following him since the truck series. I truly think he is one of the greats even without the personality. I wish him the best of luck.

I also witnessed Brendan coming over the pit wall and doing autographs for the fans on Saturday, and he spent a lot of time with a handicapped young lady which was even more commendable.

He has the best attitude I have seen in the Nextel Cup series. And trust me I have seen most of them this weekend. I can't think of any other team I would rather hang around and watch. I really enjoyed watching all that went on and how professional everyone on the team acted. I hope to be there again next year.

Thanks for giving back something to the FANS guy.

Davey Chain

PS. I got several autographs this weekend, but none meant as much to me. Thanks Again!

I am writing hoping that Brendan himself might hear about this. My son Austin, 10 years old, has been a huge Brendan fan since he was in the truck series. We got to meet him at his souvenir trailor in Bristol last week. I had always admired how respectful he was to other people on T.V. during interviews. I could not believe how nice he was to me and my son. He even made a point to include my husband who was taking pictures. My son had never been so happy. I now use Brendan as an example to Austin of how everyone loves people with good manners. I was shocked at how kind he was to us.


I met Brendan at the Food City Race Night, just before the Bristol race. I asked him to sign a picture that I had taken of him testing the Punisher car at Bristol. He looked down at it, and then up at me and said, "This is the Punisher car!! Not a lot of folks have seen this car!! Here you are with a picture of it!!" I think he was pretty excited to see that someone had a shot of the car.

Juli Nave

I met Brendan in March at the Vegas race. He is SO nice. I waited in line to get his autograph and when I got up there, I was wearing my 62 Orleans Racing hat and my Steve Park shirt (I am a HUGE fan of Steves') and Brendan looked at me and said "Nice hat, and nice shirt...I like you!" I thought COOL. I told him I was so nervous and he said that I had nothing to be nervous about. At least I didn't cry like I did when I met Steve Park (Please don't ask lol). Then on Sunday, they were doing driver introductions and when Brendan came around in the car, I started to yell for him and wish him good luck and he pointed right to me. I thought that was pretty cool too. I hope you all get a chance to meet him.

Becky D

My husband and my 3 year old son and 4 year old daughter along with myself met Brendan this year (2004) at the Darlington race. He was the nicest guy. Posed for pictures and took time to say hi to my kids. He told my husband "thanks for bringing the kids out, dad". And as we were leaving my husband told me "Here honey" as he was handing me the pictures. Brendan by accident said "here honey" as he was handing them to me. We all got a laugh. Best of luck Brendan.

Shannon Young

I met Brendan at Texas Motor Speedway 4/3/04. While we are passing Brendan's trailer, we notice he is there signing, so we get in line. While in line I accidentally brushed up against the trailer with my arm. I got axle grease all over my shirtsleeve and my arm. I tried to wipe it off but that stuff is gooey!!! LOL I get up to Brendan and we buy a picture of him for him to sign. He called me sweetheart and asked who to make it out to. I told him Xena and he said, "With a Z?" I said and X, but he already had the Z written. He said he could fix it and marked a BIG X over the Z. We laughed and he saw the grease on my arm. I held my arm up to him and said, "See what your trailer did to me!" We all got a good laugh out of that. I told him I was there for all 4 of his truck wins and he looked at me and said, "You need to come to more races, Sweetheart!" We had hot passes that weekend and when we saw Brendan on Sunday in the garage, he looked at me like he knew me and i said, "Hey...It's Xena." He says, "Yeah, with an X, no Z!" He shook my hand, laughed and walked on. Brendan is just the nicest guy?so sweet and polite. His parents really raised him right.

Denton, TX

My sister and I went to several shops on March 30th, but Jasper Motorsports was especially memorable. We were there for a while, checking out pictures and looking through the viewing window, when Brendan arrived. He approached the receptionist's desk and said he'd heard there were fans waiting to see him. Then he looked right at us.

We approached him, and he asked where we were from. He said he knows people from our neck of the woods, and that he has a group at the Loudon race. After that, he told us about the cars in the shop. He pointed out the Punisher car, which had just come back from Bristol. I thought it was his primary car at first - that we just couldn't see the damage from the viewing window - but Brendan explained that the whole front end was gone on that car. He also pointed out the car he's bringing to Texas for the next weekend, and the one he was pretty sure would be his back-up car there. My sister asked if that was the one he was going to win with, and he said, "I like that attitude!"

Brendan talked about his crew, and asked if we saw Bristol, then said of course we saw the race. He asked if we'd noticed how fast their pit stops were. He praised the team, and pointed out crew chief Shane Wilson in a side office, then someone else - either the gas or jackman (sorry, can't remember). He said everyone back at the shop were also pit crew members, which isn't common anymore. A lot of teams hire out for pit crews.

Brendan pointed to a guy who had been taken away from Rusty's team whom they had just taken back. He talked about what a good crew member the guy was, until the man walked by. Then Brendan said loudly that he had a great team except for that guy. The man looked over and smirked.

My sister and I took turns taking pictures of one another with Brendan. Then when my sister wanted her Orleans hat signed, Brendan went looking for a silver sharpie. He led us to the receptionist's desk where he asked, "Can I have a silver?" He signed the hat, then signed hero cards for us. He put our names on it, and said that I have a cool name. Brendan asked if anyone else wanted a hero card; he said we couldn't leave anyone out. He signed one for my mother and for my sister's friend.

We decided it was time to go when a father and son came into the shop; we needed to share Brendan with others. ; ) My sister took one last picture of him by the wall in the lobby.

That day was amazing for so many reasons! Getting to meet Brendan was definitely a highlight! He is such a sweet guy! Anyone who gets the chance to meet him, DO IT!!!

= D

~ dearjoan (Kellyanne) (and Colleen Marie Lynch)

This past weekend at the Martinsville race I had the pleasure of meeting Brendan. He was signing autographs Saturday after the truck race. There were 4 of us who decided to wait in line for an autograph. When we finally got to the front of the trailer, all I noticed was his bright shining face. Brendan was just full of smiles. He was one of the nicest and most personable people that I have ever met. He took the time to shake each one of our hands, personalize the autograph, take a picture with us & just chat for a few seconds. This is what Nascar needs. More people like Brendan who take time out to meet their fans. I will definitely be a fan of his because of the experience I had at Martinsville. (the other 3 people who waited in line with me had some of the same thoughts about Brendan)

Joie Cheverine

I met Brendan at Talladega this past weekend. I was walking by his souvenir trailer and stopped to watch. He was so nice. He took his hat off for every lady that walked through the line, and let all the kids sit on the trailer for a picture. He spoke to each and every person and asked if they wanted their stuff madeout to anybody. He was so genuine and real, I stood there for over an hour. There as a guy taking pictures ( I think his name was John!) that you could have printed right then and have Brendan sign, which was really great. I talked to "John" for a while to and he was just as nice. I really had a great time and the best part was meeting someone who obviously loves his job and appreciates his fans. I will be at the Coca Cola 600 on May 30th and I hope I get another chance to see Brendan again, that would make the trip well worth it! Brendan you have a new fan, and I'll be cheering you on every race!!!!

Wendy Jinright

I met Brendan for the first time last year on qualifying day for the Craftsman Truck Series. I must have went by the Dodge trailer a hundred times and bugged the lady running the booth. She was very nice and really had a lot of nice things to say about Brendan.

Finally, here he comes with that big grin on his face (you know the one that looks like he just swallowed a million bucks), anyway Brendan was very nice and I was extemely impressed with his manners. taking his hat off for ladies, the yes maa'm and sirs, he is just wonderful. I got a great great great picture with him that makes me smile ear to ear every time I look at it. He also signed my hat. Of course I waited until the line was gone (no pun intended) and talked some more with Brendan. I asked him about going to cup and he said that wasn't in his near future (guess he didn't have his glass ball with him).

I must admit I miss him in the trucks but as luck would have it my other favorite driver went to the 62 team (Steve Park) and Brendan came to cup and all is right in my Nascar world once again. I can just say this what you see is what you get and we go the best in Brendan, love ya man.



I had the privilege of meeting Brendan at Texas Motor Speedway this year. I had seen him win both truck races last year, and having just become a NASCAR fan, I chose to follow him, since we were both "rookie". If I had not already been a Brendan Gaughan fan, I would certainly be one after the meeting. Who I met was a gracious, polite, very respectful and friendly young man. When I asked him to autograph the picture to "Mrs. Masters", he gave me a strange look. I explained that I was a second grade teacher, and my boys would never believe that I met a race driver. We talked for a few minutes about education and then I wished him good luck on the race the next day. He smiled at me, and said, "No, you're the one who needs the luck" and signed my picture Good Luck. He also thanked me for being a teacher. The next day, during driver introductions, I noticed he was the only one wearing a Cowboy hat, which he tipped to the crowd several times. When he passed in front of our seats, my husband yelled out "Number 1". Brendan smiled, pointed in our direction and tipped his hat again. I like to believe that he was thanking us for being there.

I was also very impressed with the way he and his crew spoke to each other during the race. When his car broke down, there was no accusations from him, only a very supportive comment about next time, and it being no ones fault. That, to me, was the mark of a good driver.

I know he'll go far, he's already improving in every race, and I like to believe that he'll be just as polite and genuine when he is a household name. Go Get 'em Brendan.

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow."-John Dewey

Rosanne Masters
2nd Grade
D.C. Cannon Elementary

Visit our class website at: schoolcenter.quinlanisd.net/rosanne.masters

I met Brendan in 2000 when he came to Richmond truck race for the first time. He was at the Napa store down the street from my shop. So during lunch I headed up there. When I got there they had the Hauler, the truck and the whole crew outside. I went in and stood in line all 2 of us was there. After he autographed the hat, postcard and the poster he chatted with us about everything. He was very smart and friendly. Second time I met him was at Martinsville this past spring. When I went up to him I asked him about that day and remembered begin there. He was such a nice guy just like an average man. I wish him all the best.

Peter Langston

I met Mr. Gaughan in Marshalltown, Iowa a few years back.

In fact it was the week of the first time he won at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Anyway, the local NAPA store was having a tools sale and he happened to be in town to be at the store and also helped out with our annual event of the racers and education. What basically happens is the local dirt track and various drivers, even some came up from Knoxville, Iowa to talk to the kids at the local high school and put their cars on display.

Brendan's truck wasn't there that day, but he played a little basketball with some of the kids and talked about going to Georgetown University.

Ayway, to cut to the chase I have a photo of him sticking his tongue out at me as I took his picture. Back then I was the local sports editor of Marshalltown's daily newspaper. I always wanted him to autograph a copy for me.

Fritz Polt

I met Brendan at the June 2004 Michigan 500. What a sweetie! When it was my turn for an autograph he took the camera from my hand and turned it over. He jokingly told me that he couldn't sign my card because I didn't have Kodak film in my camera. I promised that I would only use Kodak in the future so he went ahead and signed my Pit- Pass. He was so nice to all of the fans who waited around after watching qualifying.

Michele from Pittsburgh

After practice, we went to the haulers and we went straight to Brendan's hauler and we talked with the lady who was working at his hauler. We talked with her for more than a half hour. She is SO funny and nice. I had the picture of Brendan and I from Las Vegas and she asked if she could keep it and put it on the "wall of fame" and I said yes. Then she said that her and her husband were going to make a scrapbook for Brendan from his rookie season and she was going to put the picture in it. I thought that was cool of them to do that. She asked my name and where I was from and she asked me if I wanted to write a little note on the back of the picture so I did. When it was my turn, she took the picture out and showed him and turned it over and he read what I wrote and started to crack up. He thought it was hilarious. The cool thing was he remembered that I was a fan of Steve's and he yelled over, somebody turn the truck race on, but it was already on. I was prepared to stand there and watch the entire race. I don't think Brendan would have minded. lol. He signed 6 of my items and I got to give him a hug and another picture with him. He and Steve are so much a like, their personalities, everything. My heart just melted when there was a little girl in a wheel chair who came up and Brendan saw her, just over the counter, and signed a bunch of things for her and took a picture with her. He even took the hat off that he was wearing, signed it and gave it too her. I loved that. Then we all started clapping and cheering and he had this look on his face like why are you clapping Lol. I Love It!!! Then he took my camera from my mom and turned it over to check to see if it was Kodak film. Lol. I said "Brendan, that is the ONLY film I use!!" He was happy. :)

We ended up leaving his hauler (ok actually mom PULLING me away) and we were checking out other haulers.

Becky D

What a great guy! He was leaving the shop after a workout and stopped his car in the middle of the parking lot to come back in and sign autographs and take pictures with us. He was very gracious and accomodating for us, and seemed really happy to talk to us.


I got to meet Brendan on June 11 at Pocono qualifying. He was scheduled to be the first one to qualify that day and was running late so he could not sign autographs in the pit on the way out, but he promised to sign afterwards. He was true to his words and signed. He was signing some things and needed a silver sharpie and asked if anyone had one that he could borrow. I had brought one with me that day. He ended up having to use it twice. I also asked if I could have a picture taken with him since he kept using my sharpie and he said of course. Everyone loves that picture b/c he put his arm around me and he has this huge smile. He is one of the nicest and funniest drivers I have meet. He was so friendly with all of the fans. Everyone time I look at my picture it brings a smile to my face.

~Brandy from Pennsylvania

I was very fortunate to get to meet Brendan at qualifying at Pocono Raceway on June 11th. I was wearing my Steve Park Fan Club hat which caught his attention immediately. He sat down on pit wall, put his arm around me and told my daughter to take a picture. He was very warm and friendly to all the fans and signed autographs all the way along pit wall right to the garage area.

I already liked Brendan from the truck series but I'm now officially a Brendan Gaughan fan as well as a Steve Park fan.

Barbara Gadola
Hazleton PA

I would like to say that meeting Brendan Gaughan showed me that not only is it important to be a great driver on the cup circuit, but it is also important to be a great person. Seeing first hand the personal attention that Brendan gives to each fan; complimenting them even when they are wearing another drivers' gear, tipping his hat to all the ladies, high-fiving all the children, and his high energy love of ALL his fans in incredible. After meeting him in Martinsville at the spring race, I gave away all my previous driver gear and became a true-blue Brendan fan.

Julie Westcott

Hello fans,

The date is Dec. 26, 1998 and it is my birthday (suprise) that my family put on for me. As you can see Brendan showed up as a favor to my family. I had watched him race at the bull ring in Las Vegas both Sat night and when he raced southwest tour. My family and I have followed him up thru the ranks since then. I have met with him in the garage on numerous occasions and have been to feel welcome on each time. My wife and I were fortune to be on the track for introductions for the vegas truck race last yr. That was a deal as Brendan was a bit late and he was able to make a entrance. He greeted both of us and had to go up on stage. Have garage passes for Calif in Sept and hope to meet and greet him again.

Good luck Brendan and keep the rubber on the pavement and jr behind.

bob palmer

I first met brendan 4 days before my 19th birthday. My friend and I nearly froze standing in line to get into preseason thunder at daytona this year. When we finally went into the building, there were 3 sets of fan forums scheduled that day. We where there trying to get some autographs and after all 3 we had none, till they announced that the kodak driver would be signing autographs I was like I don't know who he is but what the heck. After standing in line while this band played we finally got up to him and he was singing to some song and dancing in the spot where he stood with this smile from ear to ear. He took his time to sign everyones autograph and take pictures with them. Needless to say he made my birthday the best ever and ever since I've been a Brendan fan.


I got to meet Brendan at Pocono on Friday afternoon(7/30/04) just before he was to qualify. The group of people I was with, love him...he stopped to sign some autographs for them and I thought OK get another one for the program. He signed my program and my daughters too and she asked him if she could get a picture with him, he turned over my camera and said he could only take one because I had Fugi film in the camera...I explained it was on sale he told me to go to his hauler and get film there it is very cheap...he did let us get pictures and on sat I went and got Kodak film. On sat the practice got cancelled and the next thing I know he is sitting behind us in the paddock area "just hanging out with the fans". He was there for at least an hour or more..and he treated everyone very respectfully and the way he talked to the kids was awesome.... he won me over by his personality and his humor.


My Husband and I met Brendan in Florida Islamorada when he was still with the Truck Series 2003. We had a great visit with him, he took the time to explain the truck series driving and rules compared to then Winston Cup (we happen to be fans of Rusty Wallace and Ryan Newman) We had asked him question about Winston cup driving and he said then he was staying right where he was in Truck... To our Delight we started off the 2004 season with a new member of the Penske team. At Dover DE June 2004 we were in line to get our pictures signed by him that we had taken in Florida, He was funny and witty. He took the time to talk us, register where he had met us and signed the photo's we had ready for him...I had a special request and it was to use my silver Sharpe (which I hope had brought him luck because he never returned it....)

Brendan Good luck see you in Florida,

Bob and Loretta Urie

I met Brendan at the cup race at Texas on Saturday after practice at his trailor, that was the first driver I ever met and got his autograph and I was very glad he was the first. Very cool guy. I watch the races on tv alot, most other drivers don't look like they enjoy time with the fans but with Brendan it was great.

I'm only 18 and just got in to cup racing in 98, I didn't really watch any thing else till 2001, then I watched Brendan in trucks in 2002. So at the trailor I had already spent all my money elsewhere so all I had to sign was a Rusty Wallace hat, so I told him to sign his buddies' hat. Then Brendan said, "my car owner's hat, nice hat too." Very cool guy, I hope to see him at a Texas truck race again.


I met Brendan for the first time in Bakersfield in about 1997. He was signing autographs and I was the last in line so we had a moment to chat. I told him I was also from Vegas and that I was rooting him on.

Then in October of 1998 at the Vegas track I went in field with my Mom and we got to chat again. My Mom asked him to sign a birthday card for my Dad's up coming 60th birthday. He was very happy to do it. Then my Mom invited him to the surprise birthday party for my Dad in December of that year. He came, you can read my dad's story in this section as well.

Every since he came to the house my parents and I have made every attempt to see him at all the races that we go to. He has always remembered us and seemed very glad to see us.

In Sept of 2003 we held a birthday party for my Mom at the track in Vegas and brought 30 people with us to camp for the day. Brendan was not able to get over to our sight because of the busy day he had but he knew we were there, and spent time with most of us either in the pits or while signing autographs. The above picture was taken with me when he heard he won the pole. It was a great moment and a great race. We all were sure he won just for us.

This past weekend, Labor Day 2004, we went to California Speedway just to watch Brendan. We got to see him at his trailer while he was signing autographs on Saturday after the Bush race. He was so nice, he spent lots of time with us and signed all the autographs that we needed. He is just a real pleasure to talk with.

I am sorry for his bad luck at that track. I know he has it in him to be the best at Cup driving. He just needs a break, and I know it will come.

Brendan, Just know there are a lot of us out here rooting you on.

Mary Palmer
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi there! I had the chance to meet Brendan this past August at Michigan International Speedway! Qualifying had gotten rained out, but Brendan signed autographs for about an hour in the rain! The poor guy was soaked to the bone, but he was pleasant and outgoing to every fan! I had taken a picture of his car during the June race and asked him to sign it for me..little did I realize was that this particular picture was taken with Fuji film!! I have always used Kodak and made the mistake of asking my husband to pick up film for me!! Well, even though it was raining and miserable, Brendan took time to tease me about using the "four letter F-word film"! I was so impressed at how easy going and friendly he was, that he made an instant fan out of me! I am so glad to see how great he has been doing, and look forward to seeing him again next year at MIS (of course, my pictures will ALWAYS be printed on Kodak from now on!)

Jamie in Toledo

My husband, 9 yr old son, and I met Brendan on Fri.7/30 before first practice at Pocono. There was a delay due to foggy conditions.

We were at the first race at Pocono in June, but this was our first time down at the garage area. Brendan was kind enough to sign an autograph for our son. It was his first autograph and meant alot to him. My husband asked Brendan if he played basketball for Georgetown and he replied "yes and I also played football there too." He was so nice to all his fans there that day. It was kind of him to personalize his autograph for our son. Our family are Brendan Gaughan fans now unlike Ryan Newman who would not come near the fans. Good Luck next year Brendan!

Breda M.

I went to the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami this past weekend. WHAT A BLAST!!! My mom and I had pit passes, so we got back to the garage area and met Brendan. My mom had met him when he was 9 (we're cousins), and told him he spent the entire weekend terrorizing my younger sister who had gone with my mom. He started laughing, saying it sounded like something he would have done. Then we pulled out our bag of stuff. We had a hat, 5 cards, 4 postcards ... I bet he thought we were gonna keep him there for an hour signing stuff!! I had made an "invading army" of little Brendan pom-pom people with me (since as one of my friends said, I don't "visit" places ... I *INVADE* them, going completely all out for stuff) and gave him one, which he said he was going to put on his visor for the rest of the day (I hope he didn't, that would have looked *REALLY* strange). Before my mom and I left the garage area, she got a pic of me with Brendan.

During the race, I listened to him on the scanner, and almost fell out of my seat a few times, I was laughing so hard. You could tell his team was doing something they truly enjoyed, because they were very relaxed and able to joke around with each other during the (MANY) cautions. We were surrounded by Junior fans in the stands (gee, imagine that), but by the end of the day, I think we had a few of them pulling for Brendan. Even though I thought I was going to get killed when I stood up and screamed after Brendan passed Junior. The radio channel was kept very clean, I only heard one or two "bad" words. Needless to say, after my first race, I am absolutely in love with and addicted to going to races. I'm making plans to be at as many races as I can next year!


I met Brendan at the fan night at Bristol last spring. The whole set up was pretty cool. Drivers had designated times and people lined up to get autographs and pictures. Of course the line for veterans and most popular drivers were impossible, but being a Dodge guy I wanted to meet this "rookie hot-shot" from the truck series.

What I guy! I watched as Brendan greeted each fan by standing up from his chair, giving a real handshake, and a "glad to see you". Brendan seemed just as excited to see fans as we were to see him. Then when he signed his hero card, he asked my name so he could make it out personally to me. NASCAR drivers for the most part are great to fans, but Brendan has raised that bar that much higher.

If Brendan sees this, I hope that you are not too discouraged about the year at Penske. Look at Jeremy Mayfield, he got a raw deal when he was there.

You will land somewhere, and you got the personality and charisma that sponsors love. I just hope its in a Dodge.

We will be watching you from the backstretch in Bristol.

Wayne and Vicki Rishell

Ok I told y'all I would tell you all about him so here goes. When I walked up to his table I got Steve's autograph first and when Steve looked up at me he saw my shirt with Brendan on it and he said "that guy looks familiar" and then he said, "Brendan look at the mirror" when Brendan looked up he was like omg and started to blush so I got his autograph and asked for a picture and had my mom take the picture (do not let moms take picture if they can't use a digital camera) it didn't come out.

After I got all my autographs I was like I'm going to ask him if I can retake it since he's done with the autographs. He said no problem sweetie and some guy with him took the picture since I explained my mom camera illiterate. Oh yea he and Steve got the biggest applause and his card he signed was the # 62 truck and from 2003??? Must be hiding his new sponsor till the right time. And when he signed my shirt he signed Brendan gaughan 77.

I must admit, I was never much of a truck series follower, I just went to truck races with my dad at Daytona and Indianapolis. However, when the 2004 season started, I saw that Penske had signed him up to drive the #77 Kodak Dodge, and I recognized him from the truck series. Being a Penske fan all around, starting with Rusty and then Ryan, I of course had to become a fan of Brendan Gaughan.

The first time I got to meet Brendan was at one of his merchandise trailers at MIS last June (2004). He was SO polite and so genuine. He never once acted like he was above any of us standing there in line waiting for an autograph. My 14 year old niece was primarily a Junior fan until meeting Brendan. I bought her something just so she could have his autograph. He was so great and even personalized all of our autographs. My boyfriend had a Subway 400 hat from 2003, and Brendan made the comment to keep that, it was a collector's item, since he had signed a hat for a race Brendan never even raced in. We all got a good laugh out of that. I was so disappointed that I hadn't remembered my camera. He was just so down to earth.

I got the chance the following August to meet him again, and this time I went in prepared. This was during Brickyard weekend, and there was a Dodge Dealers Rally in downtown Indianapolis. We knew that Brendan, along with other Dodge drivers, would be there. I made sure I had my camera, and when it came time for Brendan's autograph session, amazingly the line was short. I feel bad for all the people who waited in line "years" to meet the "bigger name" drivers, because they missed out on a great opportunity to meet one of the nicest guys in the sport. My boyfriend and I waited in line, and Brendan was signing and handing out cards with all 3 penske cars on it. I guess that is what he and Ryan were signing that day. Anyhow, just as we got up there, he ran out of the cards. He looked at us and apologized. He said, "we ran out of the cards, I don't have anything to sign for you" the whole time talking right to us, not the whole crowd at once. I told him that was okay, that I already had his autograph from MIS, that now I just wanted a picture with him. He said that he could definitely do. He is just so comfortable with his fans. He wrapped his arm around and pulled me closer like we were old friends. I have never met a celebrity that was that comfortable getting that close to his fans. My boyfriend took the picture, and I currently have the picture displayed in my Music Classroom. Everyday, the students ask me if that is my boyfriend in the picture. lol I just laugh and explain to them that it wasn't my boyfriend, but that it was Brendan Gaughan, the nicest race car driver I have ever met.

Candy Baer
Indianapolis, Indiana

It was March 2004, my second Nascar race and I happened to go into The Orleans to watch a radio show there. Brendans car was in the lobby. I proceeded to stick my head into the car to check it out and felt a presence behind me. It was Brendan on a cell phone flying behind me and I didnt realize it was him at first till later. When I saw him again in Nov 2004 in Phoenix, he remembered me and I teased him about the phone and not saying Hi.I was just in Vegas this month with friends and we walked to his shop.It was awesome and so cool to see him again.He's such a warm sweet person. He's awesome! I hope I have the pleasure to see him in Phoenix in Nov 2005.

Heidi Colony

I had always wondered what it would be like to go to a race but I had never really been a fan. My husband works for Jasper Engines and had tickets to the Nashville race on August 13th to see Brendan race so I decided to tag along. I have to admit that there were moments before arriving, when I wondered what possessed me to go. By the end of the day, I was asking when do we go again! I have to give most of the credit to Brendan! He has a great personality and it is obvious he loves what he does. I know that he didn't have the race that he would have like to have had, but in my book, he is a class act! He handled a tremendous amount of pressure, came from behind, and still managed to get 6th place! He took time to come and meet with us before the race started and even took a lot of teasing over the lipstick on his cheek! (fondly telling us it was from his mother) Because of him, I'm hooked on racing! Best of luck in the future!


hi there my name is Lee VanGorder from Rochester, NewYork and i was met him from in "Laser Game" so cool and i was shock that him i met him person no one there wow i was so shock him hahaha and i told him so cool i told him i m deaf so i was happy see him and i have bring for autograph and so cool and i really miss him i never forget him so i wish see him again like same u too and so cool i wish u wll gave me new 2006 postcard 8x10 for him autograph for me so cool and i have some collect of him so i was hard find of 77 dodge truck diecast i was look for lol hmm bec i was sad i still of alots of KODAK forever so he is so great so and last summer 2005 i met rusty and travis in rochester of kodak i was shock i thought breadan not there oh boy hahahaha so cool hmm and nice meet u so cool and wow i saw ur web alots of picture and i wish u gave me 8 x10 of kodak hauler so real i put on frame bec my favor hauler collect so that why of "KODAK" so cool let me know okay thanks have happy hoilday and new year eve

I met Brendan in June 2005 when he came to a mall in my hometown with defending Cup Champion, Kurt Busch to do a Q&A session and sign some autographs. He signed my cowboy hat and my rookie card. He is a very sweet and warm person and I hope I get an opportunity to meet him again.

Genesis, Tucson AZ

My whole family met Brendan Gaughan 2 years ago at Loudon, NH. He was the friendliest driver that any of my family has ever met. He spent about 5 minutes with us and teased my daughter, who was then 6 because she is a die-hard Dale Jr. fan. He signed all of our things and posed for pictures. He then thanked us for coming and gave my daughter and me a hug and kiss!!!!!! I told him he looked just like Jimmie Johnson, who is one of my favorite drivers, and he was pleased since they raced together as kids and used to sign each others' autographs. Brendan will always be one of my very favorite drivers, as well as my families'. He is very polite, fun and really cares about spending time with his fans. He is a lot like Kenny Wallace, which is an awesome way to be for your fans!!!!! Thank You Brendan!!!!!

Jane Sieracki

My name is Ashlee and I got to meet Brendan at the 2006 Mansfield race. It was one the top highlights in my 15 years on this Earth. The drivers meeting had just ended, and my friend and I were looking for Brendan. Every driver walked by and still no Brendan. we started to think he already went by. Finally he walked by. we got his attention, but he was running late and told us to wait because he had to get his uniform on. Of course, everyone heard him and came running up, shoving me and Sarah further down the line. When Brendan came back, he started signing autographs. he signed about a million, then said "Where's them two girls at?" He came over, signed our shirts, took a picture with us, and chatted for a second. i had him sign a picture i had bought at the track, and when he was handing it to me, he asked me,"what's wrong with this picture?" i didn't know what to say. he said,"My sponsor is KODAK and this picture is on FUJI paper." i was trying to think of how to respond when he laughed and said make sure not to do it again. we told him where the picture came from. We were so tickled that he actually remembered us. everyone always told me NASCAR drivers never remember the fans the sign autographs for. He remembered me.


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