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I'll Keep An Eye On The Casino For You

Rick Crawford Driver Diary: I'll Keep An Eye On The Casino For You

As for 2009, right now I can only speak for the No. 14 truck; as for the No. 10 truck, were basically waiting on Brendan and Mr. Gaughan to decide what they want to do. Keeping Brendan in the No. 10 truck next year is really up to them, and not necessarily up to us. Were satisfied with Brendan and the things he brings to the table, and if he wants to stay with us, the door is open for him to come on in. We welcome that, but were just not sure yet. The No. 14 truck will carry some International branding on it, and well be good to go with Kevin Starland as the crew chief and another great team hopefully 2009 will be another great year.

I think Im going to attend the Snowball Derby again this year at Five Flags Speedway. Thats the first weekend in December. As for Christmas, I usually spend Christmas in Vegas at the South Point Casino. Usually, Brendan goes to Vail to teach snow skiing and I have to go out and look after his house in Las Vegas, the South Point Casino. So we usually swap jobs because I dont think I would be a very good ski instructor in my off-time, usually Im a swimsuit model! So, I look after the South Point Casino during Christmas; and then, well get ready for the 2009 race season. I think in the middle of December, myself, Brendan, my crew chief Kevin Starland and my son Adam will be at the Tom Mitchell ranch in southwest Texas doing a little deer hunting. I think Im going to do more observing than hunting because Im not a big hunter; but who knows, if I see a big trophy out there, I might have to bring it home.

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