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Quotes following 8th Place Finish At Atlanta

"A great day for Chevrolet - Ron Hornaday pulled away and got the points lead. I tried to helping him out by getting by (Mike) Skinner, but we just couldn't quite get him. I think we were faster. I think that Chevrolet had the best pieces out there today. We had one that I think was a top five piece, but we ended up eighth with it - coming from 23rd. The battle we had on pit road was a struggle because we had to get in and out of the pits with guys on the lead lap in the wrong order, too. We had the guy that we had to pull around always in front of us on the race track and the guy that we had to pull out around was behind us. It makes for a real difficult night on pit road for the boys. I ended up clipping a guy on the 27 team - he was OK -smart guys on that 27 team. We were able to make it out but I knocked the tire out of his hand.

"We battled all day. Bryan Berry (crew chief) threw the kitchen sink at it this morning when we pulled into the race track. I'm not going to say all the things he changed just because I don't think anybody would believe us. Byran Berry is just one of my heroes tonight. And my spotter - Billy Holbrook - did a good job. We had a bunch of problems in traffic. We got held up in traffic a bunch and had to watch things. There's a reason Batman and I have been together for 15 years - he is that good, he knows where I want to go and we can read each other's minds. He got me through some places today that were pretty awesome. Our Chevy comes home in one piece and we saved our better one for Texas. If eighth was the one that wasn't as good, I'm looking forward to Texas.

"I'm extremely surprised. I was hoping just to do a war of attrition, stay on the lead lap and finish in the top 15, and get out of here smiling on that. With how hard Bryan Berry works and how hard these guys work to try anything. Bryan did 10 different things, and they worked.

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