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Brendan Gaughan Pre-Race Report - NHIS

Driver: Brendan Gaughan
Owner: Michael Gaughan
Event: Sylvania 200
New Hampshire International Speedway
Race: Saturday, September 16 – 2:15 pm
Qualifying: Saturday, September 16 – 9:30 am
1.0-mile oval, 105.8 miles/ 200 laps

Notes of Interest: The Orleans Racing Dodge will be sporting Georgetown University Blue and Gray for the Sept 16th New Hampshire Craftsman Truck event. The paint scheme represents a philanthropic effort by driver, Brendan Gaughan to show his appreciation to the school he loves dearly.

100 percent of the race purse Gaughan earns will be donated to Georgetown related efforts, with a percentage going to the Woodstock Theological Center and the balance going directly to Georgetown University Alumni House.

Looking Ahead To Vegas, Baby: Orleans Racing is hosting an open house on Thursday, September 21st from 4 to 6 pm. The event is open to any fan who would like to see the only state of the art NASCAR shop that’s located west of the Mississippi. The Orleans Racing shop is located directly adjacent to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, at 6975 Speedway Blvd. We hope to see you there!

The Piece: Gaughan will drive Orleans Racing’s T23 (aka MJ)

The Stats:

New Hampshire Int'l Speedway - Trucks
















































New Hampshire Int'l Speedway - Cup










































GAUGHAN ON GEORGETOWN PAINT SCHEME - “I’m really excited to go back to the Hilltop. I spent four years there. Everybody likes to talk about the basketball days and some people forget about the football days. Georgetown is where I earned my college degree. So we’ve got a great Georgetown paint scheme and we’ll take the truck up there. Every once in awhile you’ll see a racecar with a college paint scheme attached to an apparel deal or something and they’re trying to make some money for something. This is just my way to donate to the school and my way to give back to the University. I’m just going to have fun and show my Hoya pride.

“We got to be at the campus of Georgetown University and have the truck right on the edge of the football field. We had the semi parked behind the grandstands and everybody was walking around looking at it. That was cool. I got to hang out with President DeGioia and Mr. Muir the Athletic Director and Coach Thompson – my Coach Thompson – and Coach Thompson (John Thompson III) – not my Coach Thompson. I got to hang out with them all. I also got to say hi to Coach Sgarlata the football coach that was a player when I was here. So that tells you how old I am now since the guy that I played with is now the coach.”

ABOUT NEW HAMPSHIRE – “New Hampshire International Speedway is a place where I’ve done well somehow. It’s one of the quietest places where I’ve done well. I never realized that I had that many top 10 finishes at New Hampshire. That was Shane Wilson’s stomping grounds and we always went there trying to run really good because of the Vermont and New Hampshire ties we had on the team.

“Nowadays it’s just a good old-fashioned tough race track. It’s a flat mile. I think the Bahre’s have done a great job of building a great facility. I hope they don’t succumb to any pressure and change the track because I think it’s a great track and a great place to race.

“It’s a big, giant, flat track. When you think of a Martinsville style race track where it’s beating and banging and rough and tough – this is the same type of place but faster. It’s a fun track to race on. You do have to have some downforce to get you through the corners. There are two grooves there. You can even bonzai the bottom and make it three grooves. It’s a fun place to race with many grooves.

“Corner entry is really tricky there because you’ve got two problems. For one thing you’re going really fast. Then you go to hit the brakes and you’re trying to turn the racecar while you’re braking. That’s very difficult. You get a lot of left, front lock up. You get a lot of braking issues. You get people that overdrive a corner and basically lock up and go too high in the corner. There are a lot of braking issues and a lot of that is the corner entry at that track. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a difficult racetrack and difficult means it’s fun.

“We’re definitely going to have some lobster while we’re there. It’s close to Maine so you’ve got to get some good, Maine lobster if you’re into it and you’ve got to get some clam chowder. I’m a seafood guy. I’m not afraid to throw down a few lobster tails and eat some clam chowder. We like to go up there with the boys and there are a couple of good places to eat that we’ve got to in the past. You’ll definitely see the Orleans Racing team trying to find their way around some good seafood. We’re from Las Vegas so we see some of the best but New Hampshire is not bad.”

Meet the Crew: 



Shop Duty

Race Day Duty

Tony Liberati

Bellaire, OH

Crew Chief

Crew Chief

Bryan Berry

Homestead, FL

Truck Chief

Truck Chief

Danny Goad

Martinsville, VA

Mechanic / Tuner

Rear Tire Changer

Clint Jennings

Logan, OH


Rear Tire Hanger

Jacen Johns

Springfield, MO


Front Tire Hanger

Calvin Gravely

Martinsville, VA

Tire Spec / Fabricator

Jack Man

Bill Caldwell

Culver City, CA


Fuel Man

Steve Fiedler

Yankton, SD

Truck Driver

Catch Can

Robert Ewing

Las Vegas, NV


Front Tire Changer

Listen in on the #77: The team’s primary radio frequency is 451.3371.


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