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Gaughan Unveils NHIS Truck at Georgetown University

Sept 16th will be a very special day for Brendan Gaughan as that will be the day that he shows the world his passion for his alma mater, Georgetown University.

Gaughan’s No. 77 will be sporting the Blue and Gray of Georgetown for the New Hampshire 200 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race. The effort will culminate a week of Georgetown oriented activities for the Las Vegas native.

The truck that will run at NHIS departed from Vegas a week early to stop at the University campus, where it spent the afternoon of September 9th on the sidelines of the Hoya’s football field. The stop at the school gave Gaughan’s old and new friends the opportunity to see what a Craftsman Truck Series entry looks like.

Georgetown’s athletic director, Bernard Muir was impressed with not only the truck but also what it represents.

“This is tremendous. What exposure for Georgetown,” Muir observed. “We’re just thrilled that Brendan would come back and be a part of this and display his wares so to speak.

“He’s so passionate and it’s clear even though I’ve only been here a year,” Muir added. “He just oozes with enthusiasm when he talks about this place. That’s what we would hope all of our student athletes would come away with. It’s just great that he would come back and be a part of the action again.”

Also stopping by for a look at his truck was the man who left an indelible mark on Gaughan for life --- Coach John Thompson. Gaughan often refers to Thompson as one of the men he uses as a compass as he navigates life; and from watching the two interact the respect in mutual.

“I’ve known Brendan since he was eight years old, so he’s somebody that’s been a part of my life,” said the famed Georgetown basketball coach who mentored Gaughan on the hardwood in the mid-90’s. “I can’t remember too many times when he hasn’t been around me. I like the fact that he works at what he does. That’s the thing that impressed me.

“In the beginning I thought it (the racing) was just a fantasy,” Coach added. “I thought this was something he was doing just to be doing it. When I saw how serious he was and how he stuck with working at it, you’ve got to respect him for that. For people who don’t know racing there’s always a natural amount of fear. I think that with the time and effort that he’s put into it he’s sensible enough to take the necessary precautions.”

The Georgetown Hoyas football team took the win in a defensive game against Stony Brook as Gaughan and his mentors looked on with excitement.

“This has been a very cool visit. With the team winning their game that’s always the best thing,” Gaughan said excitedly after Georgetown scored the win. “To come here and get a ‘W’ with it is a great start. It gives the boys a good feeling and it gives us a good feeling.

“We got to be here and have the truck right on the edge of the football field. We had the semi parked behind the grandstands and everybody was walking around looking at it. That was cool. I got to hang out with President DeGioia and Mr. Muir the Athletic Director and Coach Thompson – my Coach Thompson – and Coach Thompson (III). I also got to say hi to Coach Sgarlata the football coach that was a player when I was here. So that tells you how old I am now since the guy that I played with is now the coach.”

After the game Gaughan hadn’t quite finished his visit to Georgetown University. “I’m going to hang out for a couple days up here,” offered Gaughan on his time in the Washington DC area. “Coach Thompson III gave me permission to not hurt his boys but to show up at practice for a couple days. So I’m going to stay up here for a few days and go to practice with the team. Just run around on the football field and maybe throw the football with Tommy a little bit and just have fun. I’ll see some old friends and get ready for New Hampshire.”

The neatest part of the Georgetown paint scheme that will run September 16th on the Orleans Racing Dodge is that Gaughan will donate every dime of his winnings to the school, with a percentage going to the Woodstock Theological Center and the balance going directly to Georgetown University Alumni House.

The pressure to perform is on.

“The football team did it and now it’s time for us to do it,” said Gaughan as he looks forward to the series’ annual trip to NHIS.

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