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Brendan Gaughan Pre Race Quotes - Bristol

* The International MaxxForce Diesel team will utilize chassis CB-14 this week at Bristol. CB-14 is a new chassis to the Circle Bar Racing stable for 2008 and was developed specifically for Gaughan's use. This is the same truck that Gaughan drove to an 11th-place finish at Martinsville Speedway in March, and more recently raced at Mansfield Motorsport Park and Memphis Motorsports Park.

* Gaughan has scored two top-five finishes in four career truck series starts at Bristol, and has three lead-lap finishes to his credit.

* Gaughan currently occupies the 13th position in the driver point standings, 116 points out of top 10.

Brendan Gaughanís thoughts on Bristol:
"We finished second last year at Bristol with the former South Point team. The chassis that I had in Las Vegas is the one that weíre actually racing now as a Circle Bar Ford. Iím really looking forward to running it there. Itís also the truck that we ran second with at Martinsville all day earlier this year. I really like this truck and I like Bristol. I especially like the new design of Bristol where you can run high and you can run low. I think that it was really cool last year when I was running for win up on the high groove of Bristol. That was really cool to me."

DO YOU EXPECT A LOT OF THE INFORMATION FROM LAST YEAR TO CARRY OVER? "I think a lot will carry over. The tires are supposed to be the same. Itís not like aerodynamics play a big part there, so I think the only difference from last year will be the Roush Yates horsepower, and any time you bring Roush Yates horsepower to the table, I think youíll be pretty good."

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