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Crew Chief Bryan Berry Talks About Testing at Bristol In July

“Bristol is not the same monster that it used to be. Everybody asked if we had to change a lot and I told them that we only changed the front and the back and all four shocks. If I knew whole answer, we'd be the fastest truck here

“The track is definitely smoother. The big transitions that we used to have to worry about as far as the shock package we would run, we don't have to worry about now. We're down on front spring, too. All that figures into the overall package here.

“We ended the test with changes we wanted to make, but I think we can make it better than what it was then. We ran 300 laps, but we sure would have liked to run a 100 more. There will probably be some more rubber on the track when we come back this week, and the race track should be a little faster. We're going to go back, study what we learned, and see if we can get some more speed and put our South Point Chevrolet on top of the board.”

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