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Gaughan Talks About 12th Place Finish at Nashville.

"I'm going to find the silver lining this week. We came from a long way back. We created our bad luck we had this weekend with the wreck in practice, but we made our good luck to get it back and finish 12th tonight. Our South Point Chevrolet Silverado wasn't as good as we have been lately. The past five races we have been consistent but we have had bad luck. It was an off day for us, but when you are trying to get back on top and working on consistency to get back on top - sometimes you have the off days. Although our Silverado was off, it was a fantastic day for the pit crew and Bryan Berry. Since Bryan has come to work with South Point Racing as my crew chief, I have never seen anybody do with adjustments what he can do. He took what started out as a 30th place truck and turned it in to almost a top 10. The guys on pit road really earned their money today. They made a ton of adjustments to the shocks and springs and they had their hands full. It was a pretty tough night for them, but they did a great job, and I am proud of them. When we have a truck start a top five or top 10, I know that Bryan can adjust me to a win."

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