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Brendan Gaughan Post Race Quotes - Nashville

BRENDAN GAUGHAN Ė No. 10 International MAXX Force Diesel Ford F-150 Ė (finished 24th, qualified 27th) Ė "I donít really know what happened. The Circle Bar guys they give me very, very good race trucks week in and week out. And every once in a while in every sport whether itís basketball, football or auto racing, you miss. Tonight was a night that the MAXX Force Ford just missed. My guys have a great attitude and a great heart. We stopped six or seven times. We had to go behind pit wall, move the rear and did not lose a lap. Iím very proud of my guys on that. They were able to get me behind the wall, jack it up, put it on a jack stand, move the rear end and get me back out without losing a lap. It was a very, very hard fought night for my guys. Itís just not what the MAXX Force Ford was looking for. We are a good team, we just had an off night."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE BLACK FLAG? "The black flag early on, somebody checked up on the initial start. Somebody looked liked they missed a shift and a bunch of people kind of scattered. I went down to the bottom side. I waited to not pass the 16 and then I hit the gas and maybe I mistimed it. Iím not going to say it was a bad call. When somebody misses a shift, they always get some leniency. I guess that person didnít miss enough of a shift to make it legit. But Gator, he builds our transmissions and he builds me great restart and start transmissions, so we do have really nice stuff on restarts. If you watch our restarts all year, I pass a person every restart, at least one, sometimes nine. Maybe I just got too good of a start when somebody kind of missed a shift. Thatís all right. It didnít hurt us because we got the early caution, so we didnít go down a lap and we could do it under caution. It didnít hurt us in the end."

WAS CLEAN AIR THAT MUCH OF A FACTOR? "No, because I ran way behind anybody in clean air and it didnít help me or hurt me. It may have been for the guys that had a good truck tonight. But with our struggles, it didnít matter having clean or dirty air. Dirty air meant I was at least trying to pass people."

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