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Brendan Gaughan Post Race Quotes - Milwaukee

BRENDAN GAUGHAN – No. 10 International MAXX Force Diesel – (finished 16th, qualified 5th) – “We had really high expectations for the race here, especially after practice. Our MAXX Force Ford F-150 was really good. We just never had a chance to adjust on it in the race. We got into a deal where we were okay off the start but those six guys locked everybody down a lap and then you’re in the melee. We made an adjustment and it didn’t help us, so we got pinned a lap. Then we made the right adjustment and felt like we were going to be all right, but then got into a wreck and spent the rest of the night playing catch-up. Thanks to the boys for not quitting. We got the Lucky Dog twice. We got back on the lead lap, which gives you a chance to do well. My boys don’t quit. They don’t give up and that’s what I love about them. We were on the lead lap after the red flag and we had one set of stickers left and we were like ‘Hey, let’s go for a top-10, come on!’ but it didn’t work out for us. We had good power; Roush Yates wasn’t our issue tonight. Bryan Berry [crew chief] did a great job. We just didn’t have a chance to adjust it, which is his forte and keep us front. But Rick Crawford led; he looked really good. Our Fords were good."

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