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Brendan Gaughan Pre Race Report - Dover

The International MaxxForce Diesel team will utilize chassis CB-18 this weekend at Dover. This is the same truck that Gaughan drove to sixth-place finish at Kansas Speedway earlier this year. It is also the same truck that finished 12th at California and 15th at Atlanta.

Gaughan currently resides 14th in the driver point standings, 75 points out of top 10.

GAUGHAN'S THOUGHTS ON DOVER: “I’ve always loved Dover. No driver ever lucks their way into a Dover win. You never see someone get a win there and that’s their only career win. Real drivers win at that place. And, I love racing there. I’ve had a lot of good trucks over the years there and had a few good runs.”

ON THE CONCRETE RACING SURFACE. “Concrete is always different, but with Dover, the high banks and concrete, it’s the only race track you race that you actually feel speed. You get a sensation of how fast you’re going there. It’s just a phenomenal race at Dover.”

PASSING AT DOVER. “During the race the track really widens out a lot, so there are a ton of grooves. The only hard part is that you’re holding your breath half of the time driving there anyway and you’ve got to be really careful getting by people. You have to be careful and pick and choose your spots because when you’re trying to pass a truck that’s not handling right, the driver is white-knuckled on the wheel and fighting to keep the truck pointed straight.”

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