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Gaughan Post Ohio 250 Notes (Driver Audio Included)

The following notes provided by Chevrolet Media Services

BRENDAN GAUGHAN, NO. 77 SOUTH POINT SILVERADO, Qualified 35th, Finished 9th in the May 25th Ohio 250, run at Mansfield Motorsports Park.

"That was just one of those old fashioned I have no clue how we did it days. For me to come from 35th to 9th on a short track, I mean that to me is my best Dennis Setzer impersonation. Bryan Berry and the boys didn't give up. My spotter Billy Holbrook did a phenomenal job tonight. Bryan Berry made great decisions. We had to roll with the punches. We came in when we wanted to early on. We were looking pretty good and probably would have had a chance to win the race. We were right behind Rick Crawford who led a lot of laps, and we didn't have to stop again. But then all of a sudden we got into a wreck and we had to do damage control. Bryan Berry put it back together. We just kept chugging away in our Chevrolet Silverado and kept getting one guy at a time until we ended up in the top 10. It was just a great team effort and I'm proud of everybody involved with this South Point Chevrolet team.

"Dennis Setzer is still my hero. He took his Chevrolet, didn't stop - which is a little wrong - when you can take a set of tires and go 250 laps and not need to stop. I just can't believe that. But if there is one man in the world who can do it his name is Dennis Setzer and I'm proud that he is one of my Chevrolet teammates."


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