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Brendan Gaughan Post Race Quotes - Mansfield

BRENDAN GAUGHAN – “There was no respect out there today. We had probably one of the top five trucks. We were the best Ford all day. We ran up in the top Ford spot the whole time. The guys on pit road, Bryan Berry [crew chief] had a great strategy. All that was great. We got no respect. We had young drivers hitting us, we had rookies hit us, we had veteran hit us and the only guy that came down and said something was Matt Crafton. He came down and talked to me and felt bad about it. So appreciate Matt coming down. Our Ford was good. Our boys built me a good one. I told the fab shop to reserve me a spot after this race and it’s gonna take a little more than one spot in the fab shop right now. My guys are good. We had good power. We had a good truck. We just couldn’t get any respect out there today.”

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