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South Point Racing Notes For The Quaker Steak and Lube 200


UYRS Intern to Join South Point Racing at Charlotte

Brendan Gaughan’s South Point Racing team will be one of four NCTS teams hosting interns from the Urban Youth Racing School as part of the ‘2007 Craftsman Career Development Program.’ Eighteen-year-old Johnny Ortiz from Northeast Philadelphia will work with the South Point team during the week leading up to Charlotte and at the race track prior to the Quaker Steak & Lube 200 race on Friday night. A special decal honoring the program and the UYRS student will be on the rear quarter panel of the No. 77 Chevrolet Silverado.

“Whoever gets the internship with us better watch out because I’ve been known to hire the most qualified employees, and I know what Anthony Martin and the Urban Youth Racing School have been doing the last few years,” Gaughan said. “I know what a great job they’ve been doing. If this is one of their older kids getting ready to graduate, we may be trying to talk him into moving to Las Vegas when he is done with his internship. I’m excited to have them with us this week, honored to be a part of the program and really looking forward to it.”

Gaughan’s Favorite Charlotte Eatery Featured on Race Truck

The No. 77 South Point Chevrolet Silverado will also carry the colors of a favorite local restaurant of Gaughan’s. While living in Charlotte in 2004, Gaughan became a regular and part of the family at Dressler’s Restaurant in Birkdale Village. So, this weekend, Gaughan will put the Dressler’s logo on the No. 77 deck lid as a way of saying thank you to his friends.

“It (2004) was a tough year for me, personally, and I found kind of a second home at Dressler’s,” Gaughan said. “I’ve always been a guy that likes familiarity and likes being around friends, Dressler’s was right underneath my apartment and I would go there three nights a week.

“Mr. (John) Dressler, the owner of the place, John Glenn, his general manager and even the bartender Kevin became buddies. We’d just talk, have a great meal and be able to spend some time not think about racing. They made it very comfortable for me. I’ll always appreciate what they did.

“Having them on my truck is a way to give back. We’re going to have a nice team dinner there. And I’m sure I’ll eat there at least three or four times while I’m there – Cowboy ribeye, they keep it on the menu just for me. We figured we give back to them and try and get them a little more notoriety in the Charlotte area because John Dressler just has a great restaurant.”

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