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A Letter From Brendan Following The Open House!

The following is a note from Brendan following the SPR open house:

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a minute to thank all those who came by our open house yesterday. I don’t know about our guests but we sure had a great time visiting with all the folks who took the time to stop by the South Point Racing shop.

I don’t have a firm head count but the guys from Great Basin Cooking Company, who handled the cooking chores for us with another great spread, tell us that they served 350 meals and I’m guessing that I signed well over 400 autographs!

What makes turn out like we had yesterday so important to me is that I take it as a sign that we’re showing that old mettle again and folks want to share in that energy. We know that we’re a top-tier team and with a break or two we’ll show that to you at Atlanta next Friday.

One of the neatest things for me yesterday was seeing my pit crew, the Wired Aces, do their fantastic work in front of a crowd. These guys work so hard at being the best on pit road that it was real cool to have folks see how they work right up close like I do. I know the boys enjoyed it and I did too.

In closing I want to thank everyone that took the time to show up at our third annual open house, which I think was our best ever! We’ll do it again in the fall and see what we can do to top yesterday’s show.

Okay – I’ve got to get out of town now to race my buggy, far, far away from what’s taking place right outside the shop! Those Cup guys sure do bring a crowd with them, don’t they?

Thanks again.

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