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Brendan Gaughan Post Race Quotes - Atlanta

BRENDAN GAUGHAN - No. 10 International MAXX Force Diesel Ford F-150 - (finished 15th, qualified 24th) - "We had a whole lot better Ford than this. We made a few mistakes on pit road and I made mistakes on the race track. We all make mistakes. Itís what happens. I had a lot better MAXX Force Ford that what we showed tonight. Bryan Berry [crew chief] will make this thing better. Good thing, this is just like California, weíre bringing this F-150 back in one piece and weíll make it better. We had a little issue where I almost tore the wall down and had a little mishap with tires, but I got lucky. I felt something was wrong and saved it. Then we got a caution. In the end, Bryan Berry, what I love, is that he never quits. He told me to come in and we took the chance. We took the penalty to pit early and then ended up 15th and gained five spots from making an adjustment on that last stop. Bryan doesnít quit on me and I donít quit on him. Weíll bring our MAXX Force Ford back to Martinsville for the test this week. For a change, Iím actually looking forward to Martinsville. Iíve been struggling on the big tracks, letís go where I normally donít like and see what I can do there."

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