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Gaughan Shoots Hoops with Local Daytona High School Teams

While not turning left on the race track in Daytona, Gaughan will take part in another of his favorite pastimes as heíll hit the hardwood with two local high school basketball teams.

Gaughan, who earned a spot on the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team while attending school (1993-1997), played for legendary coach and mentor John Thompson. The team Gaughan played on recorded two Big East regular season championships and competed in two Sweet 16s and one Elite Eight in post-season NCAA tournament play.

Gaughan takes the opportunity in various communities to visit with teams and talk to the student athletes about the importance of staying in school, teamwork. He event shares some of his Georgetown stories about Coach Thompson and his teammates, including Allen Iverson.

This week in Daytona, Gaughan will visit with Spruce Creek High Schoolís varsity boyís basketball squad on Friday, Feb. 9. Then on Monday, Gaughan will meet with the Atlantic High School varsity team.

ďI love talking with kids,Ē Gaughan said. ďIím fortunate enough that Iím in a role that I can give back some of what Coach Thompson taught me, and thatís the importance of an education. It enables me to talk to kids, and give them a little of the stay in school speech and make sure they realize how tough the real world is out there.

ďIt also lets me go and get some work out in. Normally, I get to go and practice with the team a little bit and maybe run a couple of games so they can see that this short, fat race car driver actually isnít giving them all these lines. I actually do know what Iím doing a little bit. It earns their respect. Anytime you can earn somebodyís respect, they listen to you a little bit better. Thatís my goal with visiting the basketball teams. I love doing it. I would do it all over the country if I could.Ē

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