Gaughan in Limbo


Brendan Gaughan denied a report on that he had been tendered a contract to drive in the Cup series for Haas CNC Racing next year.

"As far as having a contract in hand with the (Haas team), that's news to me," he said Monday. "I'm working on many different things."

The Haas team released Ward Burton as the driver of its No. 0 Chevrolet a week ago and hired Mike Bliss to drive in the season's final two races.

Gaughan said he was asked by a Haas team official to drive in those races but declined.

"Yes, I have spoken to them and a lot of other teams," the Las Vegas native said.

Gaughan has one race left this year with the Penske-Jasper Racing team, and the option to renew the contract is with the team's primary owners, including Roger Penske and Doug Bawel.

"I have one more shot to get a win for my team this season," Gaughan said. "And once the season is over I'm sure I'll sit down with Mr. Penske and Mr. Bawel and we'll discuss what my future is with the team."

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