Brendan Gaughan Pre-Race Report - Phoenix

Brendan Gaughan Looks Forward to Racing at Phoenix International Raceway: While this will be Gaughan’s first NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series start at PIR this weekend, Gaughan has four races under his belt at the "Desert Jewel".

“I like racing at Phoenix, if for no other reason, just the fact that it is set in the desert,” Gaughan said. “Phoenix was one of the tracks where I kind of just dipped my toe in the NASCAR Truck Series. Between the Winston West Series and my truck series days, I would say Phoenix is one of the few tracks where I might have an advantage.”

Gaughan Loves the Scenery at Phoenix International Raceway:

“Growing up in Las Vegas, all I ever knew was brown and I love it. Most people will think this is weird, but the green trees and grass do almost nothing for me. The couple of times I’ve headed west this year, I was reminded how much I miss Vegas and the scenery. I imagine it is the same for anyone raised with a lot of greenery around. They probably hate brown.”

“Maybe if I decide to buy a home in North Carolina I will start a new trend. I’ll have a landscaper do my yard special with dirt and stones. Not sure if I can pull off the cacti, but maybe. All I know is I won’t have to worry about cutting the lawn every week.”

Gaughan Says the Worst Injury of His Racing Career Occurred at PIR:

“I broke my shoulder blade at Phoenix during a [NASCAR] Winston West race in 2001. Ken Schrader and I had a huge lead on the entire field and the right front tire on my car blew just as I headed into turn 3. I hit the wall pretty hard, hence the broken shoulder blade.”

Places to Eat: Gaughan says one of his favorite restaurants on the race circuit is in Phoenix.

“Whenever we race at PIR, I always make it a point to eat at the Cork and Grill. They have the biggest, best salad bar I have ever seen. It’s so big, they have Jelly Belly Jelly Beans on it. Everything on the menu is outstanding though.”

Equipment: Gaughan will race chassis PJR-035 at Phoenix International Raceway. PJR-035 is the car Gaughan raced at Richmond International Raceway in Sept. (St. 37th/ Fin. 27th). PJR-035 had no track time prior to Richmond.

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