Brendan Gaughan Movie Interview

What is your favorite movie?
“There isn’t one, but the Harry Potter and Star Wars movies are my favorite movies. I like the sagas and epic of them. Before Harry Potter came out I would have just said ‘Star Wars’”

What type of movies do you like to watch?
“It’s like my music: if it’s out there I’m going to go see it.”

I hear you watch “Stroker Ace” and sing through it on a regular basis.
“I love “Stroker Ace.” The two greatest racing movies ever made were “Stroker Ace” and “Six Pack.” “Days of Blunder (Thunder)” was good but not as good as “Stroker Ace” and “Six Pack.”

What is the first movie you remember seeing?
“The first ones that stick in my head are the John Wayne movies because my dad is a John Wayne fan. I mean the Barbary Coast (hotel and casino) is named after a John Wayne movie. At all our hotels we have a John Wayne suite. John Wayne was a very big part of my daddy. I remember watching all the old westerns; back then it was grueling to sit through them. Now I look at them and I’m grabbing kids and saying, “You should watch these.”

from Nascar Illustrated

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