Brendan Gaughan Qualifying Quotes - Martinsville

"That was pretty good. I tried to get a little bit more of it on the second lap and came through two and had it pitched sideways and decided that discretion is the better part of valor. We've got a good car. It's a Penske car which is the second time that we've had a new one this year. I want to keep this one for the race and not do what we did at Bristol. We'll take that. That will probably end up being in the top-15, which is a good starting spot for us at Martinsville, and go to the race. We've been racing a lot better now that we've been qualifying better. Earlier this year we started qualifying and not racing and now we're trying to turn that deal around."

COMMENTS ON THE NEW PAVEMENT. "It's really nice so far. I like it. What they did was extend the concrete a little further through the corner, which helps your exits a little bit. They've done a really nice job with what they did here. It's still the oddest place with pavement and concrete but hey, that's what makes Martinsville unique."

HOW BIG OF A FACTOR WILL BRAKES BE ON SUNDAY? "Brakes are always going to be a factor. This track is Martinsville and these are very heavy racecars with a lot of horsepower and it's tough to slow 'em down."

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