Brendan Gaughan More Post-Race Quotes - Charlotte

Newman was as upset as Martin, but their wrath may have been misdirected. Gaughan had a flat tire in Turn 3 and was trying to slow down. Gaughan wouldn't have made it to pit road, but he was trying to stay out of the way.

"The right-front was going flat, and I called (the pits) as I entered Turn 3 and said, 'Uh, oh, we've got a tire going down,'" Gaughan said. "I slowed down a bunch and got to the very bottom. I knew I wasn't going to be able to make the pits. I was going to have to limp around for a lap.

"Those dog-leg straightaways are tough to limp around on. I don't know where the guys were behind us. I tried on stay on the very bottom of the racetrack, and we got tagged.

"Don't know if it was my fault or not. Seemed like a racing deal, and we just happened to be in the middle of it. Sorry to Jimmy. I'll go down and find him and tell him what happened."

Gaughan said he couldn't wave to anyone behind him because he was in the turn. He said he was about to wave when Spencer drilled him.


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