Brendan Gaughan Post-Race Quotes - Charlotte

Gaughan took top Raybestos Rookie honors for the fourth consecutive race and for the sixth time in 2004.

"We said from the start of the year that being the Raybestos Rookie of the race each week was one of our goals. The Kodak team has had some pretty bad luck this year but to be in the lead like Kasey Kahne, as dominate as he was, even I feel bad for him tonight. Our run tonight with the Jasper scheme was not what we wanted by far. It doesn't look like we did anything but rip a bumper off it. We kept all the sides clean and kept the nose on it and chugged around to the finish. It's not what we wanted but the top Raybestos Rookie is a goal each week. It was a good night for us in the Raybestos Rookie points."

WHAT HAPPENED WITH JIMMY SPENCER WHEN YOU SPUN? "We had a tire going down. We had a right front going flat and I wasn't going to be able to make it in the pits and I was trying to get down out of the way and I thought I was on the bottom and then, blam! It probably was my fault. Maybe I didn't get far enough out of the way. Sorry for Jimmy, I think he had a good run going until that point. If it was my fault, I apologize. I tried to get down but we had a right front going flat."

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