Shane Wilson Post-Race Quotes - Kansas

"We are definitely on a roll. Everything is coming together. When we were getting beat, I think everyone got down a little bit in the middle of the year. We were able to turn it around and I feel lucky that we have. It's just a lot of good teamwork and everyone is sticking together. We're working hard trying to fix our problems and not point fingers. I think that we are getting there I think everyone is starting to believe now."

ARE YOU GOING TO USE THIS CAR AT CHARLOTTE? "We're thinking about it. We have a lot of good cars. It's not just the cars. Our team is getting better. The driver is getting better. The crew chief is getting better. Everything is getting better so we're not going to change what we've been doing. This car is a good car but we have another good one back at the shop, ready to go to Charlotte. That's been some of our success. We're prepared now. We're three or four cars ahead. We're setting stuff up for Martinsville and that's been the big difference. I don't know if I'll change up and get out of the routine. It's starting to pay dividends now."

YOU RAN WELL ALL DAY HERE. "It was great. Even in qualifying, we were kind of let down with 13th. We thought we were better. It's just all coming around. It's just a lot of little things and it adds up to a big thing and that's where we're at right now."

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