Put your clippers away, this hair doesnít get cut by just anyone

by Brendan Gaughan

While visiting with some Jasper Engines and Transmission folks Sept. 30, I was given a visor. Now, this is a cool visor, black with a silver 77 on the front, and I love it. I have been wearing it and now everyone is starting to realize that it is well past that time when I should have had a haircut.

The thing is there is only one person whom I will allow to cut my hair. Her name is Flo and she is in Las Vegas. She has cut my hair since I was 4 years old. Now, I know I am not in this alone. I have heard several people over the years talk about how only one person is allowed to do this very important job. I know it is only hair, and what does it matter on a man? Well, it matters to me. I mean, as much as I wear hats to cover my head, I want to make sure the hair is cut just right. What if too much was cut off and I had to adjust my hats?

The last time I needed a haircut, I also needed to get my driverís license renewed and you should see that picture! I showed up at the Department of Transportation, Driverís License division, with possibly the longest hair I have had this year, took my hat off, and stood the hair up. At first it was just for fun, but I decided to keep my "wildman" photo.

When I wear the visor, my hair stands up and it looks like I just rolled out of bed, but I swear I showered! The thing is, the wild hair just reminds me not to take everything so seriously. Not to mention I wonít be back in Vegas until Thanksgiving weekend, so it looks like it might be several more weeks until I cut it.

There was only one instance when I had no other choice but an out-of-town haircut, and that was during college. I allowed my hair to grow to a pretty good length. It was just past my shoulders, and Coach [John] Thompson had had enough. He told me to get it cut, or he would take care of it for me. Sure enough, I show up the next day and here is Coachís barber and a pair of clippers waiting on me.

He gave me a one-day reprieve. So after class I ran down to the schoolís barber of sorts. She was a kind Asian lady who ran a store called "Georgetown Hairstylists" and she took pride in her work. I ran through the door out of breath and told her I needed a haircut, quick. She asked how much time and I told her two minutes. The look on her face was priceless. She grabbed a bowl, flipped it on my head and trimmed around it. She told me to come back and she would fix it. There was no doubt in my mind, I would be back to see her. I looked like Jim Carey in "Dumb and Dumber"!

Needless to say, the looks I got from the rest of the team were humorous, but there was no way I was going to let Coachís barber shave my head, and he undoubtedly would have had it no other way.

So, now you know. This isnít about a fashion statement or a new style I am trying out. Itís about tradition and yes, stubbornness. So Flo, leave me some time around Thanksgiving, because I will definitely need to see you.

And kudos to the Orleans Racing team for its continued success in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. They are now in the hunt and have the potential to make it to fifth in the points chase. Steve Park has done a great job and for those of you who questioned his ability to drive a truck competitively, keep on watching because he is committed and ready for victory lane at any time. The team is on the verge of a win, so donít count it out. Great job guys.

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