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SHANE WILSON, CREW CHIEF, #77 KODAK EASY SHARE/JASPER ENGINES AND TRANSMISSIONS DODGE: HOW DID YOU GET THE LEAD LATE IN THE RACE? "It was a little bit of luck. Basically, we took a big gamble. We needed those caution laps. We were at the end of the pack so we came in and packed it full of fuel. We packed it hard and probably stretched the cell a little bit with a full tank of fuel and got a lot in there. The caution came out and then we were sucking fumes there at the end but it was good enough. We had a decent car and then we lost track position when we came in and sped in the pits. We never really got back up to the front pack all day, or last half of the day. We did a lot of gambling and sometimes it's going to pay off like it did today and sometimes it's going to bite us hard but we didn't have nothing to lose."

IT SEEMS LIKE PITTING HERE AND AT DAYTONA IS MORE FRANTIC THAN AT OTHER TRACKS. "They all kind of came down that one time and he was trying to out-brake everybody in and that's the trick. Track position is important and we just overshot but I'd rather see him do that than lagging back. He did a real good job today and I think that shows how much he learned those first three speedway races we had this year. He did so much better of a job today than he did in the first three, it was unbelievable."

HOW IMPORTANT IS THIS GOOD FINISH TO THE TEAM? "It's a big deal. We were pretty down. We hadn't done anything right and just made a lot of mistakes throughout the year but then we were starting to do better things. We're happy to get some reward for all the work."

IS THIS THE BEST RACE THAT YOU'VE PUT TOGETHER ALL SEASON? "For sure, especially the latter part of the year. We had a pretty good race in the spring at Fontana but that's kind of our home track and this is definitely the best one that we've had for about 20-weeks now. It was fun. All the guys had a good time."

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