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Brendan Gaughan Qualifying Quotes - Dover

YOUR NAME HAS RECENTLY BEEN THROWN INTO THE RUMOR MILL. "It doesn't affect us because most likely like all reporters they haven't asked anybody that question. All they do is make up what they want and use anonymous sources. Right now the team is getting ready to move into the new shop at the end of the year and get through this year and finish it out strong and try to get a couple of wins. We think we're good enough to win a race."

ARE YOU HAPPY THAT AT LEAST YOU PICKED UP IN QUALIFYING? "That's the goal always is to try to gain from your practice time. I just wish we were better in practice time to be a little further up. I was still a little loose in three and four. It got loose on me going in and I had to run up the racetrack so to gain on it we're pretty happy. We're just working hard at it. The guys are working their tails off."

Its always good when you pick up in practice, and we gained a tenth. It was a little loose in three and four, but well go to work and get rid of that and get ready to race.

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