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Brendan Gaughan Post-Race Quotes - NHIS

"We had a good racecar. It was good enough to be top-15 if you look at the guys that we were faster than and where they finished. The Penske-Jasper engine shop, we had a part failure. They pulled it apart and it looks like something on the top end. It was able to keep going. That's the big deal, as long as you can keep running. We ended up 30th, not where we wanted, but all in all things could be worse. It was very good car today. I was very happy. Once it went, it stayed the same the whole day. It was deal where we were running good, passing guys. We were passing Rusty and bunch of guys, heading forward, and they finished top-15 so I think we could have at least been there. All of a sudden the motor changed pitch. I called the guys and said that I thought it was a plug wire. We came in and found out it was a small part failure." COULD IT HAVE BEEN THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO RYAN NEWMAN? "I don't know what happened to Ryan yet. He had a lot more smoke and couldn't finish. It was unfortunate for him because it would have been a lot better off had he be able to finish other than us."

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