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Brendan Gaughan Returns to New Hampshire International Speedway

Brendan Gaughan Returns to New Hampshire International Speedway:

Gaughan, driver of the No. 77 Kodak Racing Dodge and 2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series rookie contender, is focused on his return to "The Magic Mile".

"Last week, the No. 77 Kodak Dodge took the checkered flag at Richmond," Gaughan said. "That is something we have struggled to do since we were at New Hampshire back in July. I was starting to think we had left something in the Northeast. Right now, I am focused on getting through the 300 laps and bringing home another finish. That is all I can do."

Shane Wilson on New Hampshire International Speedway: Wilson says the track is a one-groove track, but some drivers push the issue and make it work.

"[New Hampshire] has always been a difficult track to pass on," Wilson said. "They tried to give more room in the corners, but they added the SAFER walls and what they gave, they took away. With the rigidity of the cars now, the SAFER barriers are a needed addition, so I am not complaining, but unless they dig the track up and rebuild it, it will remain as tough as it has always been. I think the level of difficulty it takes to master [New Hampshire's] flat oval design is one of the reasons the Bahres were able to get a Cup race in the first place. I mean, this track could almost rival Darlington. Almost."

Goodyear Tire Test: On Monday morning, Sept. 13, Gaughan was asked to accompany Ryan Newman and the No. 12 ALLTEL team in a Goodyear test at his hometown track - Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

"They called me at about 8 a.m. and I was on the plane at 3 p.m.," Gaughan said. "I could think of worse ways to spend a couple of days during the week!"

Equipment: Gaughan will race chassis PJR-34 at New Hampshire International Speedway Sept. 19. PJR-34 is the same chassis Gaughan raced at Richmond in the spring (St. 42nd/Fin. 34th) and New Hampshire (St. 29th/Fin. 22nd) earlier this year.

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