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Written by: Brendan Gaughan

Itís been awhile since I have had to sit down to write an article. Last year it was enjoyable experience writing a weekly column for Cup Scene --- but never did I realize how much it would take to come up with something new and fresh every week until I got into it.

This week I was asked to an article for Speed and it was hard for my thoughts to not immediately go to the unfortunate souls who have had to battle Katrina. As with most of America, obviously, my thoughts and prayers are with those who had to deal with such a ferocious storm. But this week we are inundated with articles about the aftermath of Katrina and I KNOW that my poor writing skills would do no justice to the situation on the Gulf Coast.

Therefore Iíve decided to write about something on a cheerful note Ė but with a natural tie-in because the mind wanders to friends and family in times like these.

As most notice I am MUCH happier and having more success this year being back with Orleans Racing. There are many reasons for this happiness --- but the one thatís risen to the top is my being able to spend many more weekends back with my best friends.

I wrote last year that I maybe one of the luckiest men in American because I have a handful of TRUE friends --- and following the Bristol Race, which stunk, I was able to disappear to Colorado with my closest friends to celebrate my Buddy, Aaronís college graduation. Fans of the Jasper Engines Craftsman Truck team are all very familiar with ďCheeseburgerĒ, with whom I went to kindergarten through high school with. But there is another person who has been with me that long and that is Aaron.

If any man ever deserved a vacation it is Aaron. Aaron has attended UNLV and worked at Coast Casinos for nearly nine years now. He worked doubles on his days off and covered for everybody for years. Fifteen months ago Aaron and his wife, Lulu had a beautiful baby boy, Michael --- who is my Godson. Aaron never missed a beat through that and he continued to work fulltime while attending college fulltime.

So after Bristol Aaron, The Cheese, my college roommate The Milk, our high school buddy Toby (not his real name --- yet another nickname) Stones (aka Aaron) and work buddy Goyak (sorry buddy, had to write it that way) all went on a boys trip to Colorado.

Now as you can see six thirty year old men, many of whom have been friends for over 25 years, well, had a great time. Whether it was me trying out my new career as a professional downhill bike rider -- a career almost as short-lived and as destined for failure as my some of my other adventures, we had fun. I did leave a lasting impression on a tree in my 15 minutes as a pro downhill bike rider, however.

Other activities included a full day, 18 hours worth, of Ghost Recon --- white water rafting and a day of shooting sport clays (who won boys?). It was an amazing week --- and just what we all needed!

The infamous RMCBGFC, that would be the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Brendan Gaughan Fan Club, were on-hand for the entire time with all four members present and accounted for. We even had a few meetings at our favorite spot --- Vendettaís (canít go wrong with a slice of Billy Bobís Brain) and Blizzards Deli (the Reuben is the deal here) in Vail --- but then a lot of the weekend revolved around food.

So that was this weekís off-week excursion --- a good time with best friends and pseudo R&R.

I have to add one more friend, who couldnít make it, The Nightmare. He was scheduled to come but his wife is pregnant and trying to have their first child and was experiencing a tough time. So the entire week was spent in honor of them Ė hoping that Bailey Scott and Brendan Scott make it to this earth happy and healthy. So Nightmare, Jan, we love you and thought about you all week. Good luck!

Well, thatís it for now --- hope this didnít bore you too much. And no, Iím not going to tell you my nickname!!

And please folks, remember to keep all the souls of the Gulf Coast in your prayers. They need all the help pushed their way!

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