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Brendan Gaughan More Post-Race Quotes - California

What Happened?

"Ask the 11. The kid will go back to running a sprint car and be fine. You don't try to save it 50 times. You either lock it and go down, when he hit the wall one of the things I've learned a long time ago, Wayne Auton taught it to me long before John Darby ever did: you go up and you hit the wall and you stay there. You can just brush it. There's no damage, and you keep going. He had it locked, brought it down the racetrack, and I started to go low. And then all of a sudden he decides to try to save it again and takes it back up the track and I was going high and got me again. A mistake by somebody else. That's the story of the Kodak team this year. We have great racecars a bunch of times this year but just don't have the great finishes. It wasn't our fault. He's going to blow by the cameras and blow it off, act like it didn't happen, but some of us are out here not driving sprint cars, trying to drive NEXTEL Cup cars, and it's going to hurt us."

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