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Brendan Gaughan Post-Race Quotes - California

"Our guys build safe stuff and all those things are very well put... Bill Simpson's helmet, the impact helmet, I'm fine. I'm very upset. This is a kid (J.J. Yeley) that will go back and drive a sprint car and be a superhero, but he comes out here and won't have a clue how to save a racecar, how not to turn it back up the hill. Either leave it at the wall or bring it down. He had a chance to leave it at the wall and do no damage. He tried to bring it down, I went low. He brought it down and I went high. He came right back up in front of me. He'll be in that ride next year, and he'll be the superhero, but cost some of us our jobs going out here doing it week in and week out. The Kodak car was a pretty good car today. We got a penalty, went to the back and didn't get to finish.

"When you're running back there with guys like him, sometimes it happens. Unfortunately for us, that's the story of our year, little mistakes. This is a great race team. Shane Wilson and Matt Lucas, our crew chief and engineer, they do a great job on pit road calls. We just keep having those little things bite us in the butt, and this is one of those things. I didn't look over to the flag honestly (to see if pit road was open). I here things in the helmet and follow people depending on what's said. Enough people came in that I came in. I should have had my eyes open a little better and looked at the pit road open and closed flag probably.

"He's a superstar. He's a World of Outlaw winner or whatever he is. He'll be cleared for Daytona. He'll come and race next year full time. He'll make his mistakes, and they'll be rookie mistakes. I'm glad I didn't do it to anybody."

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