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Brendan Gaughan Qualifying Report - California


Fontana, Calif. (Sept. 3, 2004) - Brendan Gaughan will start the Pop Secret 500 from the 22nd position on Sunday, Sept. 5. Gaughan experienced much success at California Speedway while racing in the NASCAR Winston West Series and with one sixth-place finish under his belt in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series, he is looking forward to his return to competition at the West Coast facility.

While making his first run during the morning practice session, Gaughan radioed crew chief Shane Wilson to let him know the car was bottoming out around the entire track. Wilson told Gaughan to pull his No. 77 Kodak EasyShare Dodge into the garage and the team went to work to improve the car's handling.

Gaughan’s second run was better, but he still requested improvements and upon his return to the track for his final run, Gaughan was pleased with his machine’s handling.

Gaughan was the 41st driver to make his qualifying attempt and the team was pleased with the late draw. The team kept a watchful eye on the air temperature as it began dropping approximately a quarter of the way through the 48 drivers attempting to make the 43-car field.

Gaughan pulled his No. 77 Kodak Dodge onto the track and took the green flag. While he was not thrilled with his run, Gaughan was prepared to attack Saturday’s practice sessions with renewed focus.

“I have four wins at this track so I know I know how to get around it,” Gaughan said. “Shane and the guys have some ideas to get the car back on track, and with Buddy [Baker] up on the spotter’s stand, Saturday will be our chance to set the car right for Sunday. I would love to back up my sixth-place finish from the spring.”

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