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Brendan Gaughan Pre-Race Quotes - California

"You can pass so easily here you don't have to be impatient. Keep your patience, keep your temper and pass when you get a shot. Don't waste time. If you can get by 'em, get by 'em. Shane Wilson and Matt Lucas, my crew chief and my engineer, the last four or five weekends are just outstanding on their pit road calls -- when to do four tires, when to do two tires. When to do a gas and go. They've been so awesome helping us look good getting us up front in the Kodak car. The strategy is, we know we're a lot better than 22nd. I overdrove turn one and hit the bump that's right in the center and it pushed me up the racetrack. I got tight and it was my own fault. I'll take the blame for it and know that we're better than 22nd. We'll level off around 12th and let Shane and Matt start making adjustments and we'll move up from there.

"We've got the same racecar we finished sixth with here last time, and so far this year we've been better when we go back to a track. I don't see why that trend should stop now. It's the first night race here and that should level the playing field. Shane and I have more experience with that temperature range. It's going to be a night race on the east coast, and it might go into the night. They'll need the lights. The track is going to change big time. It's going to gain grip, and that's going to cause some people to get loose. You've got to be able to stay on top of things. Shane and I have experience in the west series, and we race here at 9 or 10 in the morning. That's like the temperature at 6 o'clock at night. We feel like we know what to expect and feel pretty good about heading into it.

"It's going to be just like the 600. Whoever adjusts all night the best will win. This place is going to start out 100 degrees and the track temp will go to 80 and end up about 75. Who can maintain the best will win? You can be great off the start and make an adjustment and stay ahead and keep adjusting and stay ahead. Some guys may be able to stay ahead all race, and some of us are making plans for adjustments in the late stages of the race and just hold on the first half of the race."

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