Brendan Gaughan Pre Race Report - Bristol

Driver: Brendan Gaughan

Owner: Michael Gaughan

Event: O'Reilly 200
Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, Tenn.
Wednesday, August 24, 2005 - 9:15 p.m. (EDT)
Qualifying: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 - 5:30 p.m. (EDT)
0.533-mile oval, 106.6 miles/200 laps

Notes of Interest:

Itís hard to argue facts Ė and the facts say that the Jasper Engines and Transmissions Dodge is on a tear of late. Since the June 18th race at Michigan International, seven races ago, the Jasper Engines Dodge has maintained an average finish of 10th place. Remove the Kentucky event, where the #77 was caught up in an incident not of its making, and the average finish for the last six races goes to 6.83.

Gaughan on Bristol Motor Speedway:

ABOUT BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY Ė ďBristol is everybodyís favorite track. Some drivers donít like it and my crew chief Rambo and Parkís crew chief Charlie Wilson both say that if the wreck happens in Turn 4 and youíre going into Turn 1, you still wreck. Itís a lot of crapshoot there. I had the Punisher Dodge there last year, which was probably the neatest racecar ever in the history of NASCAR Ė I loved that car. Iím biased. I ran third all day right behind Rusty and even had Wallace call me on the radio during the race. We changed channels while we were running and that was just a neat day in the Cup deal. We ended up getting crashed but we still had a great day.

ďIn the Truck Series Iíve run there and should have finished third but I lifted and (Rick) Crawford didnít. He took me to school on the caution flag thing back when we raced to the caution. Itís just a bad to the bone racetrack. Roman Coliseum. There are what, 160,000 people there for a Cup race? Itís just bad to the bone.Ē

ABOUT RACING THE HIGH LINE Ė ďMy line is the way to go around Bristol. Iím telling you. OK, there might be some people scratching their heads. No. I just go wherever I have to go to pass people. Most people are battling for the bottom so Iíll pass them high. Itís not like I like the high groove. When youíre in the back and lately the Jasper Engines team had ended up crashing, hitting, wrecking, spinning, getting hit, whatever and starting in the back. Youíve got to make your way through the field and you canít play follow the leader. Youíve got to find a place to pass them. Nobodyís running high so you go there. At Bristol everybody will be battling for the middle groove and Iím going to have to go wherever it takes to get by people and to pass people. If that means I have to go high then guess what? Iím going to go to the second groove at Bristol and Iím going to try to pass people. Itís not that I like it. Itís that you have to go where youíve got to go to pass people.Ē

SENSATION OF SPEED Ė ďIn racing, in general, you donít get a sensation of speed. Itís like riding along the highway with everybody doing the same speed. You donít feel it. Dover and Bristol are the two exceptions. Weíre not putting brake fans on our truck at Bristol because you donít use them. You drive into the corner so hard and the Goodyear tire and the concrete grip so well that you life and you kind of dive bomb in the corner and you go full throttle and you say, ĎNo way is thing going to stickí and it does. There is a slight sensation of speed at Bristol. Right when you enter that corner and youíre going 130-140 mph at a half-mile and you only slow down to 100. You definitely can feel it there. There and Dover are the two neatest places.Ē

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