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Brendan Gaughan Post-Race Quotes - Michigan

"We've got a really smart team: Shane Wilson [crew chief], Matt Lucas and the Kodak guys. They're very smart. They put two tires on when it needed two tires, they put four when it needed four and they really worked hard to keep our Dodge up front. It was a track position game and they worked real hard to do it. They're very, very smart. I really like Shane and these guys because when it comes to strategy they're really good. Our Dodge wasn't great all day. It had it's struggles but it was good enough to get up there and to finish the race we'd have been at least top-15, hopefully a top-10 out of it. It's kind of a bummer. We don't know what's wrong yet. Penske Jasper horsepower, they don't make many mistakes. When they make one, it doesn't bother me none because I know how good they are. It just went.

We were coming back. We had our pit road penalty and we were battling back up through the field, right behind out teammate Ryan and we were just picking a guy off a lap. I was being patient. There were a lot of laps left, playing some fuel strategy that Shane was talking about. I came out of turn three and put it to the floor and it started to miss and it just got worse and worse. We led a lap both times here at Michigan. Well, I wouldn't say I led a lap: it was under caution. It was good enough to be in the top-15 and this Dodge decent here today. All my guys that make decisions on pit road are so smart. That's what I like about these guys: we have such a smart team."
- Brendan Gaughan Online

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