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Shane Wilson Pre-Race Quotes - Michigan

"I don't really like the gear rule, especially road courses and some of these places just because we've already spent a lot of the money on the RPM range that we're used to running. Another thing is that at place like Richmond, Martinsville, Bristol, now we've got to work on our brake package because we were relying on the motor so much to slow us down. The money saving part, I don't really know if it's really going to save any money or not but it's definitely going to make us work harder in different directions. It's a major change. And then the spoiler deal is also going to make us work harder just to try to keep the rear down on 'em but we've got to compete against everybody so we're always looking for an advantage so they're never going to stop that."

IS THE ENGINE INVENTORY THAT YOU HAVE NOW OUT OF DATE? "I'm sure there's going to be different intake and cylinder head stuff and maybe stuff from five years ago will be back good again [smiles]. They'll do a lot of work; probably spend a lot of money on intakes and heads and stuff. Definitely not going to save us any money next year. Will it save us any money in the future? Possibly. They're doing what the think they have to do. We're racers and we'll go on and adapt and do the best we can."

WHAT AFFECT WILL CUTTING THE SPOLIERS HAVE? "It's going to make it hard to make it secure getting in. The drivers are going to complain more about that more than the crew chiefs, obviously [laughs] but we'll be fighting to keep enough air on the back and keep it secure. That's the biggest thing that we'll fight but at some point and time maybe we'll have to take a little off the front to maybe balance it. It's all about the balance. The driver doesn't feel the total downforce number and you take some off the rear all he's going to feel is that the rear is not underneath him. We'll have to do our homework and make sure that our balance percentage is the same. It will just be a little less downforce total."

IS THE THOUGHT HERE TO INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF PASSING? "For sure and I don't know if it will do that or not. I think it will. They're doing it for reasons and like I said we're racers and we'll adapt. It's fine. I'm not a negative person so I'm going to look at the good side of it. If it's better racing and it's easier for us to get better sponsorship then everyone's happy."

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