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Brendan Gaughan Pre-Race Quotes - Michigan

"The biggest break of my racing career was Walker Evans becoming one of the founding members of the Craftsman Truck Series. I was racing in the off road since I was 15, 16 years old and going to college and racing in Wisconsin and all over the Midwest. I didn't really know where I was going to go from there; just stick with Walker. I was doing open wheels and road courses and sports cars and rear engines and all sorts of things, just seeing what we'd do. Walker was my boss and taught me everything that I know. When he started that truck series that was my biggest break because it gave me a home with Walker Evans and it gave me a home in NASCAR."

WHEN DID THE PHONE RING LAST YEAR TO GET THIS RIDE WITH PENSKE JASPER RACING? "The phone rang right around that second Texas race, actually, is when I first met with Mr. Penske and didn't know what it was about. A buddy of mine that is on this team said 'Hey, Mr. Penske is going to call you this week and wants to talk to you.' I'm like 'Wow, cool.' I didn't know what it was. I'd been making a deal with Dodge to get a couple of Cup races and a couple of Busch races. When I sat down with Mr. Penske it was one of those double-edged swords. He walks up and says 'There may be an opportunity but it probably isn't going to happen.' But I was thinking it was only going to be for two races and when he told me there was a possibility for a full season but it might not happen, that's one of those moments in life that you don't know how to feel. Your stomach goes upside down, like 'Well that could be the greatest opportunity ever but it probably isn't going to happen.' That was an interesting day in my life. That was where the Cup deal came from."

WAS THERE ONE SPECIFIC EVENT THAT CAUGHT MR. PENSKE'S ATTENTION? "You have to ask him, I don't know. Knowing Mr. Penske, he doesn't do something off of just one event. I'm sure he looked back and saw Raybestos Rookie in the truck series based out of Las Vegas, championship contender all season based out of Las Vegas, car wins and car championships based out of Vegas. I'm sure he went back to off road races and talked to Parnelli Jones and Rick Mears. Knowing him, he does his homework. I was just fortunate that my resume included enough stuff to get me where I needed to get."

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