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Brendan Gaughan Qualifying Report - Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen, N.Y. (Aug. 13, 2004) - It was a long day at Watkins Glen International as rain fell the majority of the morning, delaying and eventually causing practice and qualifying to be cancelled. Without qualifying, the field was set by owner points, which placed Brendan Gaughan in the 30th starting position for The Sirius at the Glen.

Despite the inclement weather, the Kodak Racing team continued to plan and prepare for practice and qualifying. NASCAR established an alternate schedule, twice. Both times, the weather or remnants of the rain, delayed efforts.

The first effort to regain track time was scheduled for 12:30 p.m., but showers moved over parts of the track requiring more drying time.

The second effort was scheduled at 1:30 p.m., and the field was set to make a limited practice run. NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series officials took Gaughan's teammate Rusty Wallace around the track to inspect the racing surface. After inspecting turn one, the efforts were again put off due to water running across the track in that turn.

NASCAR officials immediately made the decision to cancel the day's activities and to resume on Saturday with the pre-determined schedule.

While track time is a necessity, Gaughan respects NASCAR's call.

"[NASCAR] made the right call by canceling practice and qualifying," Gaughan said. "Not to mention, they did it quickly. Without practice time, qualifying could be very dangerous. With the rain, track conditions had to have been slick and our Goodyears don't like slick tracks."

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