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Brendan Gaughan Qualifying Quotes - Watkins Glen

"We wanted to start a little further up because this is Kodak's headquarters. We have a lot of Kodak guys here and we would have loved to qualify. We came here and tested. This is an old Penske car, one of Rusty's that does pretty good. We would have liked to have had a shot at something but no big deal. We'll go to practice tomorrow and get it as good as we can in race trim and see how many guys we can pass."

SINCE THIS IS KODAK'S HOME AREA, HAVE YOU BEEN BUSY THIS WEEK? "We were at the Rochester Red Wings all day yesterday. We did a little deal with Rusty and I because Rusty is running a Kodak Dodge this weekend. This is the first time in over 14 years that Rusty doesn't have his familiar #2 Miller Lite Dodge colors. We're starting the rumors that a) Miller Lite dropped Rusty and he lost his sponsor or b) Brendan Gaughan is being replaced by Rusty Wallace in the 77. Those are our two big rumors that we're giving around. Rusty is stepping up to the 77 team because the 2 team couldn't cut it. Miller Lite said that they couldn't handle Rusty anymore so Kodak picked him up. Those are our two big rumors that I'm looking for Mulhern to start printing because I'm sure that he'll print it. [laughs]."

IT WOULD BE SPECIAL TO RUN WELL HERE. "It would be very good to have a good run here, just as good as last week with Jasper. Being in the top-15, making our way to the front, which is what we knew we could do, and getting there and proving that we could do it, at least we showed the Jasper folks [at Indy] that all we've been talking is coming true. Unfortunately, that was our only new Penske chassis which is now gone. This week we are in an old Penske which at least we're apples to apples when I compare notes with Rusty and Ryan. We're in Kodak's back door. I have 300 people that we're going to meet and greet with on Sunday. We spent all yesterday with probably 500 to 1,000 Kodak employees in a parking lot doing pit stops at the Rochester Red Wings game, then did autographs for folks at the game and threw out the first pitch. I've been having a lot of fun lately and it's amazing how many of Kodak's employees are pumped up about this deal. With a Raybestos Rookie driver and a brand new program and all these things, they are just excited that it's a new day and they can tell things are getting better. They are really pumped to see us do well here."

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