Brendan Gaughan Pre Race Report - Nashville

Driver: Brendan Gaughan

Owner: Michael Gaughan

Event: Nashville 200
Nashville Superspeedway, Nashville, Tenn.
Saturday, August 13, 2005 - 4:15 p.m. (CDT)
Qualifying: Saturday, August 13, 2005 - 11:00 a.m. (CDT)
1.333-mile oval, 200 miles/150 laps

Notes of Interest:

While Gaughan has never visited Nashville Superspeedway’s victory lane he’s been a contender to do so in his two previous visits to the 1.333-mile concrete oval. In his prior two starts Gaughan scored a 6th place finish in 2002 and a 5th place finish in 2003. After a year off in the Cup Series Gaughan hopes to score the famed Gibson Guitar that awaits the winner of a Nashville race.

Gaughan on Nashville Superspeedway:

“The last time I was at Nashville I was there with Shane Wilson and the Orleans Crew back in 2003. We ended up with a great race car. We were experimenting with a few things and were real fast. But we found out one of those things that you can only find out from experience --- and that was coil bind. We were running super-soft coils in the front and they were coil bound from lap one. So we had a coil bind push tight. We ran our tails off. At the end of the night we caught Chad Chaffin for fifth place and got a top-five out of it. We had great pit stops – big pit stops. All in all it was a fantastic night.

“I want to win that danged guitar. That’s the coolest trophy in all of NASCAR, that danged guitar.

“Nashville is a concrete track and I love Dover and I love Bristol and it’s the longest of concrete tracks, which makes it unique. I remember the first time I went there hearing all of the noises in the drivetrain and thinking ‘what’s that noise’. I thought something was wrong. It’s got a lot of grip and it’s real fast. Our trucks used to be really good on places like that. We’ve been to the wind tunnel; we’ve been doing a lot of engineering and bodywork so we’re going to see where we’re at. This is a mini-step to see if we’re more prepared for the bigger tracks.”

Meet the Crew:

Shop Duties
Race Day Duties

Brendan Gaughan
Las Vegas, NV
General Manager

Tony Liberati
Bellaire, OH
Crew Chief
Crew Chief

Lance Wilson
Bakersfield, CA
Truck Chief
Rear Tire Changer

Roy Pryor
Las Vegas, NV
Front Tire Changer

Chris Boller
Prescott, AZ
Truck Driver
Front Tire Carrier

Calvin Gravely
Martinsville, VA
Tire Specialist

Scott Witz
Tucson, AZ
Gas Man

Mike Robinson
Toole, UT
Catch Can

Clint Jennings
Logan, OH

Listen in on the #77: The team’s primary radio frequency is 451.3375.

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