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Pocono Pre-Race Report

Brendan Gaughan returns to Pocono Raceway Where He Had the Worst Race of His Rookie Season in June: Gaughan says he is looking for a little redemption when he returns to Pocono Raceway.

“After missing a shift during the last race at Pocono [Raceway], all I can say is I hope I am around for the checkered flag this time. Being there at the end is important right now, following up on New Hampshire where several breaks came the Kodak Racing team’s way. Twenty-second might not seem like a great finish to some, but this team will take it and hit Pocono hard.”

While laughing, Gaughan said, “Before the first race at Pocono [Raceway], I said ‘shifting was something I was comfortable with.’ I really showed them, didn’t I?”

Shane Wilson on the No. 77 Kodak Racing Team’s Performance This Year: Wilson says the team has definitely put forth the effort necessary to win races, there are just a few key components to work on.

“This team, the old Jasper Motorsports team, has come a long way. To have come together as late in 2003 or early 2004 for some, I think many people have forgotten all of the changes we had to overcome. From manufacturer, team structure, series, handling, personalities, etc., we have had our hands full. All of those changes and others factored in, no, we are not in the hunt for the “Chase for the Championship”, but we are making progress; slow and steady progress, the kind that lasts.”

Rodney Childers Takes Over Car Chief Duties: Childers, who has been racing since he was age 12, is looking forward to the challenge ahead of him and the opportunity to contribute on a stronger level to the team and its success.

“This will be an adventure, and hopefully, not like the ones Brendan gets himself into,” Childers said with a laugh. “It won’t be that much of a change since I have been the assistant car chief since starting with the team last year, but I will be able to work more closely with Shane. I think the biggest thing will be for everyone to get back in a groove. We brought Larry Robinette back out on the road full time to help with the rear end of the car. As soon as we all realize having a different guy under the car is not too major, we will be fine. One thing is for sure. I know Larry and I know he is a great mechanic. With a few more upcoming changes to the team personnel, we will be right where we need to be.”

Watkins Glen Test Session Rescheduled: Due to inclement weather, the Penske-Jasper Racing team had to reschedule its test session at the road course located in New York’s Finger Lake Region. The team, originally scheduled to test at Watkins Glen International July 26-27, will return to “The Glen” Monday, Aug. 2.

Equipment: Brendan Gaughan will race chassis PJR-32 at Pocono Raceway. PJR-32 is the same chassis the team hoped to race in the NEXTEL All-Star Challenge at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. During the NEXTEL Open [St. 10th/Fin. 23rd), Gaughan’s night was ended at the start of the race when he was caught up in a multi-car collision after another competitor broke his car’s transmission.

From JasperEngines.com

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