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NHIS Pre-Race Quotes

JULY 25, 2004

Brendan Gaughan on New Hampshire International Speedway: Gaughan says New Hampshire is a tough track and one of his favorites.

“New Hampshire is just one of those ‘beat you up, run you down’ drivers’ tracks,” Gaughan said. “I wasn’t too sure how I would like [New Hampshire International Speedway] but it is definitely a driver’s track. Limited passing calls for setting up another driver. It is all skill.”

Shane Wilson on the Green-White-Checkered Policy: Coming from NASCAR’s Truck Series, Wilson is no stranger to the Green-White-Checkered policy NASCAR has implemented for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series. Despite having been a victim on more occasions than he was a benefactor, Wilson favors the change.

“The [Green-White-Checkered] policy will definitely change strategy in the pits,” Wilson said. “We can no longer figure down to the last mile and hope it will get us through. There will, of course, be those times where it is a consideration and we will handle the situation as appropriately as possible when it arises. For the most part, we will have to base our strategy on the number of cautions in the event. If I know the race has been filled with cautions, I am going to make sure Brendan has enough fuel to last through an ‘incident’. Who wouldn’t like running 10th and all of a sudden having a chance to win the race, other than the first nine in line of course? This changes everything.”

Gaughan Fishing: Gaughan took July 19-20 to go deep-sea fishing in St. Thomas. The fishing trip will be featured on “NASCAR Outdoors”, a new half-hour show dedicated to life away from the track.

Matt Lucas, Penske-Jasper Racing’s Team Engineer, Says Third Trip to NHIS was the Charm:

“My first two visits to [NHIS] were not pleasant,” Lucas said. “The first race was with the IRL when I worked for A.J. Foyt; Billy Boat was our driver. The only thing I can say was Billy was T-boned during a wreck and had his leg broken.”

“The second time was my first NASCAR race at the track and I worked for Penske in 2001; Jeremy Mayfield was driving. After the race, we loaded the truck and one of the guys, Derrick White, fell off the tailgate. He stood up too quick or something and got light-headed. He just passed out and fell. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. After that, I was not sure I wanted to go back to that track.”

“The second NASCAR race was when we returned after 9/11. Mike Wallace was driving the No. 12 car. We were fastest during the practice sessions but we ended up not having a good race. We had a mix of old and new tires and realized it a little too late. We practiced on a set of tires we should have raced. Hindsight is 20/20, but at least it changed my thoughts about heading north!”

Congratulations to Rodney Childers on his Promotion: Rodney Childers will take over Car Chief responsibilities beginning at Pocono Raceway, next week. Childers replaces Kevin Kidd who has accepted a Race Engineer position with another NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series team. Childers is a former Jasper Motorsports employee; he joined the No. 77 team in January 2003.

Team Test Session: The team plans to test at Watkins Glen International July 26-27.

Equipment: Brendan Gaughan will race chassis PJR-34 at New Hampshire International Speedway. PJR-34 is the same chassis Gaughan raced at Richmond earlier this year (St. 42nd/Fin. 34th).


Date Track St Fin LC/LT (%) Status Won
15-Feb-04 Daytona 17th 19th 199/200 (99.5%) Running $ 225,887
22-Feb-04 Rockingham 15th 20th 391/393 (99.4%) Running $ 70,110
07-Mar-04 Las Vegas 8th 22nd 266/267 (99.6%) Running $ 83,450
14-Mar-04 Atlanta 25th 33rd 314/325 (96.6%) Running $ 63,120
21-Mar-04 Darlington 37th 27th 291/293 (99.3%) Running $ 63,110
28-Mar-04 Bristol 7th 20th 500/500 (100%) Running $ 81,900
04-Apr-04 Fort Worth 16th 38th 230/334 ( 68.8%) Engine $ 72,000
18-Apr-04 Martinsville 11th 17th 500/500 (100%) Running $ 70,450
25-Apr-04 Talladega 20th 13th 188/188 (100%) Running $ 89,015
02-May-04 Fontana 5th 6th 250/250 (100%) Running $ 106,125
15-May-04 Richmond 42nd 34th 362/400 (90.5%) Running $ 66,375
30-May-04 Charlotte 7th 33rd 392/400 (98%) Running $ 77,500
06-Jun-04 Dover 5th 27th 361/400 (90.2%) Running $ 73,335
13-Jun-04 Pocono 31st 39th 59/200 (29.5%) Engine $ 59,660
20-Jun-04 Michigan 6th 16th 200/200 (100%) Running $ 74,065
27-Jun-04 Sears Point 33rd 26th 110/110 (100%) Running $ 60,425
03-Jul-04 Daytona 12th 36th 138/160 (92.7%) Running $ 75,450
11-Jul-04 Chicago 15th 30th 240/267 (89.8%) Running $ 76,100
25-Jul-04 New Hampshire
08-Aug-04 Pocono
15-Aug-04 Indianapolis
15-Aug-04 Watkins Glen
22-Aug-04 Michigan
28-Aug-04 Bristol
05-Sep-04 California
11-Sep-04 Richmond
19-Sep-04 New Hampshire
26-Sep-04 Dover
03-Oct-04 Talladega
10-Oct-04 Kansas City
16-Oct-04 Charlotte
24-Oct-04 Martinsville
31-Oct-04 Atlanta
07-Nov-04 Phoenix
14-Nov-04 Darlington
21-Nov-04 Miami

Averages YTD Poles Wins Top-5s Top-10s Avg. St. Avg. Fin. LC/TL (%) $ Won
0 0 0 1 17th 25th 4991/5387 (92.6%) $ 1,488,077



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