Brendan Gaughan Pre Race Report - Kansas

Driver: Brendan Gaughan

Owner: Michael Gaughan

Event: O'Reilly Auto Parts 250
Kansas Speedway - Kansas City, KS
Saturday, July 2, 2005 - 2:15 p.m. (CDT)
Qualifying: Friday, July 1, 2005 - 5:00 p.m. (CDT)
1.5-mile oval, 250.5 miles/167 laps

The Truck --- T10

Notes of Interest:

Prior to last week’s Milwaukee event Gaughan went to Raleigh, NC to participate in a charity event. The event benefited Kyle Petty’s “Victory Junction Gang Camp” and had the driver of the Jasper Engines Dodge riding a cutting horse rather than his normal 700 hp Dodge Ram.

Speaking on the event Gaughan said, “I do anything I can for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. The Petty family is very big in horses and their daughter is a heck of a horseman. They were having a celebrity cutting event and they asked me to come out and hang out with them. It was neat, me and Kyle, Patty and Jeff Hammond all went. Cutting horses is what my mother does. My mother and my sister are both cutters. I’ve done it a lot of times. I never exactly knew what I was doing with it but I got myself on a pretty nice horse and we were able to go out and have a good time with it. The fans enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun.”

Gaughan on Kansas Speedway:

“Kansas City was one of the two top ten finishes that I had last year (in Nextel Cup). My car was hooked up pretty good and to get a top ten was pretty exciting. I passed a lot of guys late in the race, got back to my high groove and drove by some people. So it’s a track I look forward to.

“We know that our aero program is not quite up to snuff yet but Rambo (Tony Liberati – crew chief of the #77 Jasper Dodge) and Charlie (Wilson – crew chief of the #62 Orleans Dodge) have both been working basically right now with guesswork until we get to the wind tunnel. We have some new stuff there that we’re guessing is going to work. We’re either going to be really good or we may be really bad but I like that we’re just taking a shot at it. That’s the way it should be. I like what’s going on with my team. Give us a couple more weeks and we’re going to be consistent enough to go get them every week.”

ABOUT DEALING WITH THE HEAT. – “The Craftsman Truck races are so short after running Nextel Cup last year that it really doesn’t become an issue. In Kansas it’s usually really hot. So I’ll just drink a lot of water and drink a lot of Gatorade to get myself hydrated. After that you know it’s going to be hot, so you just get in the truck and go.”

Meet the Crew:

Shop Duties
Race Day Duties

Brendan Gaughan
Las Vegas, NV
General Manager

Tony Liberati
Bellaire, OH
Crew Chief
Crew Chief

Lance Wilson
Bakersfield, CA
Truck Chief
Rear Tire Changer

Roy Pryor
Las Vegas, NV
Front Tire Changer

Chris Boller
Prescott, AZ
Truck Driver
Front Tire Carrier

Calvin Gravely
Martinsville, VA
Tire Specialist

Scott Witz
Tucson, AZ
Gas Man

Mike Robinson
Toole, UT
Catch Can

Ray Poyner

Listen in on the #77: The team’s primary radio frequency is 451.3375.

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