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Brendan Gaughan Infineon Post-Race Quotes

BRENDAN GAUGHAN, #77 KODAK/JASPER DODGE: "Once again, I'm a little too nice. I was the fastest Raybestos Rookie out there, too. I was a little too nice. I let guys push me around too much. I went off the course once, as far as I'm concerned, once. I blew turn one and went flying off the track. I got beat off the course into four, beat off the course in 1. I just got beat everywhere. It upsets me a little bit but we were the fastest Raybestos Rookie. I am a road racer and we will come back in the end at Watkins Glen and we're going to show them at Kodak's hometown. I'm going to be a little meaner next time on a road course."

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