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Brendan Gaughan Infineon Pre-Race Report

JUNE 27, 2004

Brendan Gaughan Looks Forward to Racing on the Road Course at Infineon Raceway: Gaughan, driver of the No. 77 Kodak EasyShare Dodge and 2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Raybestos Rookie of the Year contender, looks forward to his first road course event as a Cup driver.

“I love road racing,” Gaughan said. “I have some experience in road courses from open wheel and tire tests and all. I kind of like the variety of turning left and right. We raced at Laguna Seca in the Winston West Series, so I have stock car experience on a road course. We’ll see if any of what I think I know carries over!”

A Ticket for Click-n-It: Gaughan is joining the California Highway Patrol on Thursday to reward drivers displaying their NASCAR fan pride via flags, bumper stickers, etc. The driver/fan will be pulled over and presented with two tickets to the Dodge/Save Mart 350, as well as be given the opportunity to interact with the driver for a few minutes.

“Well, it’s not every day that I get to say I pulled someone over and gave them a ticket,” Gaughan said. “Well, come to think of it, I never have. I think this is a neat way to promote the event while tying into the safety message of the California Highway Patrol.”

Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Gaughan is attending the San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers ball game Wednesday night, June 23. Gaughan will sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” prior to the seventh inning.

“Well, if Harry Caray can sing it, I can too!”

Follow the Leader- Gaughan on Leading Laps at Michigan Speedway:

“The Penske-Jasper Racing team is really coming together. Each week we see improvements across the board in communication, equipment and performance. It takes all three to win races and we are building on something big.”

Gaughan on Green-Flag Finishes:

“I do not envy Mike Helton, but I respect the decisions he is forced to make. Finishing a race under green-flag conditions is a judgment call. If a car has wrecked and is sitting in the middle of the track, then it is a no brainer, we finish under caution. NASCAR fans get great races most weeks. They need to understand that there are often extenuating circumstances that contribute to the decisions being made by NASCAR. With that being said, I think Mr. Helton has made several gutsy moves over the past couple of weeks. It’s not easy for anyone to stand up and admit when a mistake has been made. He has done just that, while asking for patience. That is hard not to respect.”

Gaughan on Returning to Daytona International Speedway Next Week:

“I like that we are about to head to some tracks for the second time. I like that one of those tracks is Daytona because our speedway program has improved on what we had there and at Talladega earlier this year. The guys tell me the body is more aerodynamic and that everyone will be pleased with the results. No matter what seat time you get at Daytona, it is still going to come down to how the car cuts through the air. It has nothing to do with driver and everything to do with aero.”

Equipment: Brendan Gaughan will race chassis No. 7 at Infineon Raceway. No. 7 is a Hopkins chassis and is part of the original Penske-Jasper Racing fleet. The Kodak Racing team tested two chassis at Virginia International Raceway, PJR No. 7 and PRS No. 50. After the test and long deliberations, the team opted to take No. 7, with minor changes.

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