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Michigan Notes and Quotes

"Good day, bad day, good day, bad day, good day. Racing is an up and down deal. The guys worked their tails off. The Kodak/Jasper team led our first laps, real official laps of the year. It put this team where it belongs, and thatís up front. Congratulations to Ryan Newman. Way to kick some butt. We were pretty darn good, and something happened one lap and shot me up the racetrack. I still donít know what happened. It hurt our day a little bit, but the Kodak team battled back. Tires, no tires and it got us back up to 16th. Weíll take it. It felt good to let Ďem know weíre really coming around. Iím used to running up front, and I need to get back to being used to that. We gained five or six spots putting tires on with a few laps to go, so Iím happy."

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