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Brendan Gaughan Michigan Quotes

"There's a lot of room to miss things here at Michigan, and if you can stay up front you can miss even more. We're starting off good, so we'll see if we can finish it off. We're looking forward to a good run for the Jasper yellow car. The Jasper Engines Dodge hasn't done quite as well as the Kodak Dodge. We want to look good for the Jasper folks. Michigan was good to us last year in the trucks. We'll see if we can make it good for us this year in the car. This is a fun place. It's close to Mr. Penske's home and also close to Jasper Engines home in Jasper, Ind. The Midwest is a big market for those guys. Roger has done well here in the past. Our truck was dominant here last year. Right now I'd just like to have the car just as balanced. When cars are good balance comes easy. This one feels pretty balanced."

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