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Lowes' Speedway FACTS-IN-A-FLASH

Brendan Gaughan Hopes to Join his Teammates in the NASCAR NEXTEL All-Star Challenge:

“It just wouldn’t be right to have Rusty [Wallace] and Ryan [Newman] in there without me,” Gaughan groveled. “Yeah, yeah, I know. They both won events, but I am their teammate. Throw me a bone here!”

“I am hoping to have all the Kodak employees, as well as all of the Jasper Engines and Transmissions employees, vote me in, just in case I don’t win the ‘Open’.”

Gaughan’s Success on 1.5-mile tracks Gives Him a Boost of Confidence Heading into the LMS Event:

“Shane and I have had tremendous success on 1.5-mile tracks,” Gaughan said. “Apparently, I like Bruton Smith tracks and they like me. I just hope I can add Lowe’s Motor Speedway to my short list; that would be tracks that I have won on.”

Gaughan Likes to Run Events in Tandem with NASCAR’s Truck Series: Gaughan, an eight-time winner in NASCAR’s Truck Series, looks forward to visiting with friends on that circuit and spending time with the guys he considers instrumental in his success.

“I love it when the [NASCAR NEXTEL] Cup Series runs with the Truck Series,” Gaughan said. “It doubles the number of friends I have in the garage area!”

“Shane and I would not be racing for the Penske-Jasper Racing organization if it weren’t for the No. 62 Orleans Racing team,” Gaughan said. “They are an incredible team. Together we overcame many obstacles on the way to eight wins. Right now, the Orleans team is facing more obstacles, but I know their true grit and if any one team can face the challenges that lie ahead, it is my Vegas team. Shane and I will be there to support them any way we can.”

Gaughan on the Upcoming Coca-Cola 600:

“Holy cow! And I thought 500 miles at California was bad!” he exclaimed.

What has Gaughan Done to Prepare for Next Week’s 600-Mile Event?:

“What haven’t I done?!,” Gaughan responded. “I have been to the gym every day, except when I went to Richmond, and I will be there every day this week. My trainer threw out all my junk food and loaded me up with everything good for me. I am going to hydrate myself with a boatload of Gatorade and I am going to eat more carbohydrates the night before than Dr. Atkins could ever count.”

Gaughan on Athleticism in NASCAR’s Premier Series: Gaughan, a former college basketball player for the Georgetown University Hoyas, says racing is built around athletes and challenges those who say, “NASCAR is not a sport.”

“I played basketball for a Division I team,” Gaughan said. “I have played football and all kinds of other sports. Other than water polo (almost drowned doing that) you name it and I have played it. I have trained my bottom off when I did not think I had anymore in me to give. When I climb from the car after a 500-mile race, I feel like I have just finished training in college. Anyone who says NASCAR drivers are not athletes, I challenge them. I would like to see them climb out of the car after racing in above 100-degree temperatures and walk away from it.”

“It is not as easy as it looks,” he continued. “I thought racing in the desert had made me tough and prepared me for the Cup Series. Well, let’s just say I am hitting the gym again to improve my physical condition.”

Team Test Session: The No. 77 Kodak Racing team is testing at Kentucky Speedway on Wednesday, May 19.

Equipment: The No. 77 Penske-Jasper Racing team will know more about what car it is taking to Lowe’s Motor Speedway following the Wednesday test at Kentucky Speedway.

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