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Richmond Qualifying Notes and Quotes

By Colleen Marie Lynch

Brendan Gaughan will start the Chevy American Revolution 400 on Saturday night in the 40th position.

Brendan ran a speed of 123.057 and a time of 21.941, while battling a very loose race car. The track had also heated up significantly during the morning, making it a very slick surface to drive on.

Brendan Quotes

"The Kodak team is getting better and better each week and this week was no exception. We came here and tested with Rusty and had a great test. We never practiced qualifying, always tested in race trim, and we were looking good. We should have been about 15th. We think possibly a spring is out of pocket or a sway bar came unhooked because something happened there. This race team has been too good for stuff like that so something had to go wrong for us. We've been the Raybestos Rookie for two weeks in a row so we're going to have to battle to keep that up."

"We came here and tested in race trim and were not really concerned with qualifying trim. We wanted to have a good race car. We should have been about 15th in qualifying, but something happened. A spring came out of the pocket or a pin broke somewhere. The car went haywire, and I don’t really know what happened. We’re going to have to battle now."

"It (the track) changed a little bit I'm sure but I think that something happened right here, not the guys mistake, just something happened. Something popped out of place and we'll be all right for the race."

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